Thursday 13: Best on TV

During nap time, my favorite "hobby" is watching TV.  My favorites are all over the board, and I thought maybe you'd find a new one you haven't tried or you might see one we can discuss. Because my other hobby is analyzing TV apparently.'s my half of DVr (in no order):

1. The Bachelorette: I can't stand The Bachelor but tune in every Monday at 8 for 2 hours of man-drama. They actually cry more than most women I know! My prediction? Sean in the end for Miss Emily & little Ricki.
on ABC
Chris, no freaking way. Stop crying and man up.
2. Grey's Anatomy: I have honestly never missed an episode. I've stayed with them through hospital shootings, ferry crashes, and now a plane crash! Go ahead, ask me anything about that show.
on ABC

3. Jeopardy: Speaking of asking, what is my nerdy pleasure? Nowadays I have to catch it in and out of the bedtime routine, but I LOVE trivia and especially the Teen Tournament, when I feel like a genius (you should know that I just had to spell check genius).
on CBS

4. Teen Mom (I had to put Jeopardy before you read this one so you know I do have intelligent thoughts): I only watch the cast that is on right now (Maci, Amber, Farrah, Catelynn). I adore Catelynn & Tyler and watch the other 3 purely out of my curiosity for what train wreck will happen next. Seriously Amber, pull it together. And Farrah, stop talking to your parents like that!
on MTV

5. Deadliest Catch: Matt got me into this one and I was hooked (ha) when Captain Phil died. I am fascinated by the way these men go straight into the most dangerous job in the world day to day to provide me with crab legs and crab cakes. Thank you.
on Discovery

6. Pregnant in Heels: Hilarious, if you can get over the way Rosie speaks (I can). She is a maternity concierge (hello, dream job) who deals with the most ridiculous clients and their pregnancy "stress". This has included "Find me an entire new wardrobe, but I hate maternity clothes", "We have twins due in one week and have nothing in the nursery", and "Put together a baby name brain trust to pick my son's name".  Really.
on Bravo

7. So you Think you can Dance: The only talent competition I watch (and I have watched it in person twice!) I love it because I myself, do not possess anything resembling dance moves. Ask any sister of Theta Nu. I fast forward through the judges' comments, and watch the beautiful dancing. And the top 20 were announced last are not too late to join the obsession at the beginning! I even have a section on here dedicated to this show.
on Fox

8. Million Dollar Listing: The newest show to be added to my list. Oh, is it sassy!  It takes place in LA and centers around 3 Realtors who list and find the most incredible properties you have ever seen. And then make a commission that is higher than a normal person's yearly salary on a single house. The cast is fabulous and catty, and the scenery is gorgeous.
on Bravo

9. NY Ink: Another one I started watching with Matt. This is a new tattoo shop in Brooklyn with "colorful" artists who are all clawing their way to the top of the industry and who have very love/hate relationships with each other. The clients also usually have good background stories and often include celebrities. The season ended in a cliffhanger, so we hope it returns!
on TLC

10. Bethenny Ever After: I have to include it, even though my beloved Bethenny is now off in talk-show land where I can't watch her anymore (her show is just a test-market showing only in certain areas). Just love the woman and her family. She is the celebrity who I look up to, like it or not.
on Bravo

11. Modern Family: Oh, Cam & Mitchell, how you brighten my week. the writing on this show is clever and is "that show" that I reference probably a bit too much at work. Cam's 40th birthday party this year nearly put me over the edge. Oh, and I'll always remember that I was watching MF while realizing it was time to get ready to go to the hospital to have a baby!
on ABC

12. New Girl: This show is not for everyone. It is sarcastic and hilarious. Schmidt himself could just make the whole show, just like Cam in MF (see I did it again). I like the young, imperfect characters and Jess' quirkiness.
on Fox

13. South Park (surprise!): I had to be honest, and I have watched this show on and off since the very first episode. Nothing like cuddling up at night with your man and watching this heartwarming show.
on Comedy Central

Anyway. Wow, that was the easiest post I have ever written. I have had some writer's block for a while, and talking about TV knocked off some of the cobwebs. What do you think? Are you a fan of any of these...or others?

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Desiree said...

And this is why we're friends! I love so many of the shows you referenced! I don't know if you know already, but you have to go to this website,

I watched every.single.episode of every season of The Big Bang Theory (another show you should add to your list) for free!

After buying all the seasons of True Blood on AppleTV, I now watch it for free here! Oh man, I hope the internet police aren't reading this and shut down that site! Because you can watch movies too!

You didn't hear this from me!

Ditto on Grey's, Modern Family, SYTYCD and Pregnant in Heels. I came across that right after I had Sofia and of course bought the season! I don't care for her weird accent either, but it is an entertaining show! Are they doing a second season?

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