Thursday 13: Favorite things

I keep thinking of little things here and there that I want to share with you. And have you ever heard of a Favorite Things party? I am tossing around this idea...stay tuned.

1. Clear Shampoo: I have been a salon product junkie for years, but am trying to clamp down on habits like that. I picked up a trial size of this at Target and have never been so happy with a shampoo EVER! It is probably fine for everyone, but especially if your hair tends to build up with product or is fine, I highly recommend it!

2. Bath and Body Works Need a Margarita Body Scrub: I received this last Mother's Day and just used it for the first time last week. I'm not sure why it is called Margarita, but it smells heavenly (citrus) and feels awesome on tired, sore feet!
It is 13.50 for a jar, which is much bigger than this!
3. Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes: We bought this for Larkyn several months ago and she kind of ignored it. But in the past two weeks or so, she has carried it around everywhere! It is like her own iPod with low-key music (the sounds are amazingly UN-annoying!) Grab one for 8.99 for your favorite baby.

4. Gerber Onesies: A year ago, I probably would have turned up my nose to these. Now that Larkyn is drinking out of a cup herself, I am thankful for these! I got 2 brightly colored sets (so, 10 total) that she wears for PJs every night and when she has her morning and evening cup of milk. Now I don't have to cringe when her front is covered in milk (and they get softer every time I wash them). I love that the envelope neckline is so easy to get over her wiggly body and the price tag is nice at 7.99 for five.

5. Target note cards: If there is anything I "collect", it would be stationary. If I didn't need money, I would definitely work in a stationary store and it is my favorite gift to give. I received this set that is adorable and only 4.99!

6. Kraft Milkbites: I know, these just sound bizarre. A friend gave me 3 boxes of them at work because her kids didn't end up liking them. I, however, LOVED them. There are several flavors and I have tried three. Chocolate was the bomb, peanut butter was delish, but I would not recommend strawberry. If you like granola bars but are sick of the standard Quaker Chewy bars, try these (and add calcium and protein to your diet!) They are hard to find at the grocery store because they are refrigerated, so ask someone to help you find them.

7. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser: I had a crisis a few weeks ago where this turned my brand new beautiful tub GREEN. I don't mean tiny green flecks or a slight yellowish tint. There was a green mirror image of this frog on my fiberglass. I used Soft Scrub, Clorox, Tilex, and when I was close to tears, tried Magic Eraser and water. What magical substance is on that thing? I don't understand how it works, but it does.

8. Minnetonka Cally Slippers: I am not a bare feet kind of person. Ugh. Especially on hardwood floors owned by furry animals and a one year old. Also, our basement is accessed via garage, so that is a fun little trek. Matt got me these slippers from Macy's at Christmas (on sale for $30). I have worn them every day since! They are not too hot, have a sturdy sole to walk outside to get the mail, and they stay on.
9. Turquoise necklace from Fossil: I do not own this. I just want it. If you are out and see something like it, please let me know!

10. Shout Advanced Spray Gel: Growing up (and even now!) my mom will make me take off any article of clothing that gets stained and immediately wash it. I do have to give her credit for being able to get rid of any stain, but I am no laundry queen. This spray lets me treat the clothing and then throw it in the hamper until I am ready to wash a full load. It is formulated to work over the course of a few days on set-in stains. It hasn't failed me yet!

11. Photo Collage HD app for iPhone: Isn't it a pain when you want to share a series of photos and you have to email them one at a time to yourself? Are you listening, Apple? I want to select multiple photos to share. In the meantime, I have been using this FREE app to put multiple pictures into a collage and share them. It could not be easier (drag and drop pictures into the frames and adjust the frame colors).
This was a "Larkyn's weekend" collage I sent to Nana straight from the phone
12. Wendy's breakfast: My coworkers and Matt already know this, but I still have to shout out to Wendy's for their breakfast before they think no one likes it and they discontinue it. I say that because I am consistently the only one in the drive through while everyone else is across the street at Tim Hortons. I digress. Here is what to get: The Number 6 (bacon, egg and cheese biscuit) with a caramel iced coffee and either seasoned potatoes or the baked oatmeal bar). It will take a few minutes because they are actually making your sandwich, but you will not be disappointed. Oh, and the pancake platter is way better than any pancakes you will make at home, so just do yourself a favor and go get some:o) Unless of course you make great pancakes and want to show me how!

13. I had to take a break and go outside (our weather has been very kind to us this spring!) and I found the last item on my list. Well, Larkyn did, actually. I asked her if she wanted to swing and she got a huge smile on her face and squealed. She scrambled out of my arms and into this Fisher Price swing.  If you need the best first birthday gift ever, this is it. It leads to great conversation, eye to eye time with your baby, and a chance to enjoy the outdoors in the shade.

Hope something on this list inspires you today!

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Schneider 4.0 said...

We could totally make your turquoise necklace. Well, not the butterfly part, but the string of turquoise...oh yeah.

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