Wednesday in pictures

She reaches up on her tip-toes to get the milk now...and her face is the evidence.
First time to Graeter's. "Mmmmm" is all she said for 15 minutes.
Foot alert! I went to DSW for black non-flip flops. Wish you could see the sparkles!

On the porch of Pink Moon Cupcakes. She knows she is in for a treat!
On a walk by the river...wonder what this used to be?
Big move of the week: the switch to the big girl seat!

1 comment:

Schneider 4.0 said...

Love the shoes...and the aviators!
I just picked up my 4th pair. The 1st broke from lots of wear, the 2nd were dropped in the parking lot immediately after purchasing and me not knowing until I get home and can't find the stinkin' things and the 3rd was a result of a toddler getting ahold of them. Let's hope this pair sticks around longer! I have horrible luck with sunglasses!

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