Birthday Thursday: 15 months

The last month has been full of changes for my little 15 month old!
  • She says "more" in the cutest little voice to get more food (which she always wants)
  • She tries to put on her shoes and will say "go" when I tell her we are going somewhere. You better mean it when you say "go", because she is ready to hit the road!
  • She can climb on the couch now, which is fun for her but terrible for us if we need to leave the room. 
  • She dances in circles, kind of like a Native American rain dance or something. She did this for anyone who would watch while we were on vacation. Then, she claps and raises her hands in the air. Ha!
  • She feeds herself with a spoon now. See?
We are definitely on our toes with her all the time now, but every month brings more exciting milestones and silly behaviors. I am starting to dread leaving her for work in a few weeks. Quick, let's look at the monthly picture!

1 comment:

Audra said...

What a cutie pie! Feeding herself too, I love it :) And I love that you give her Ciobani yogurt. When my little one is ready for dairy, she'll be getting Greek yogurt too. It makes me feel like a better mom. At least I tell myself that.

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