Mama Monday: Stay little

It is about the halfway point of summer, when I get a little weepy about going back and leaving my girl to have fun with someone else. I didn't really feel it until I took this picture at the playground tonight and looked at it. Ugh..throat...tightening...

 I've been helping her go on the slide lately. Like, I lift her up to sit on it, then hold her and say "Weee!" as she slides and I hold her. Well, apparently she was over that little charade, because as I watched in horror/admiration, she climbed the steps, went through the tubes, and came out at the top of the slide and just WENT!
I was so proud of her, but could not move fast enough to make sure she didn't tumble off the edge.

And now, would you like to join me in my "baby is getting big too fast" emotional moment?

1 comment:

Desiree said...

Nope, can't join you because I've had copious amounts of wine tonight and will most assuredly end up bawling at the computer desk.

But yes, they grow up too effing fast and I soundly object!

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