Thursday 13: Vacation must-dos

I've been going on this same vacation since I was a baby, so I am told. Never gets old. How can this get old?
Just a little bit bigger than my backyard in OH, right?
For years we could see the ocean from the front porch. Now we can see it between those 2 little shacks. 

So yes, I am looking forward to it, and all the things that go with a family vacation to Bald Head Island.

1. Getting there--thank God Larkyn and I are flying. I know it'll probably be a challenge to keep her in the seat, but it'll be over in an hour and a half. We hope. Luckily, I have some tips from Desiree and hope those work for me too.

2. No car for 10 days! No gas powered vehicles on the island. Open-aired golf carts that just run on a charge...seriously, why aren't electric cars taking over yet?!

3. Home-cooked dinners every night. I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to dinner being prepared by someone else. I'll contribute desserts of course!
Dad and Mike taking over the grill. By all means!
4. A houseful of babysitters! Now that L can climb on the couch by herself, an extra pair of eyes is definitely welcome.
Uncle Richard and Aunt Vicki last year
5. No (well, ok rarely applied) makeup! When you walk outside and instantly sweat or spend all day in the water, what is the point?

6. Magazine reading. And not Time or Newsweek. You will find me behind Us Weekly, People, and In Touch all week.

7. Writing Larkyn's name in the sand for a rite of passage photo moment:o)
I used to get so excited to get to the ocean that I would run straight out without a bathing suit. Yep, just took my pants off.

8. This girl. My niece, who is 19 months older than me...but we used to just tell people we were cousins because that is easier. Sometimes we would say we were twins, because THAT is believable. Can you tell which one was Cinderella Miss North Carolina 1991?
Can you see what is hidden behind my eyes: "Why the hell am I in a hot tub with a wine glass? Well, Kristy seems to enjoy it, so I'll go with it..."
9. Visiting Turtle Central to pick out something fun for Larkyn.

10. Trying on everything at Island Passage and Canopy and then putting it all back and getting a bracelet that is more in the budget.
photo from
11. This year is our family reunion! I have never had one before and am so excited! I can't wait to introduce Larkyn to everyone and to get those multi-generational shots that you know will be posted as soon as I get home. Check out the invite, with Grandpa and Grandma:

12. Movies all day and all night. The DVD player is on constantly, but this year it might have to take a few breaks for Sprout or Disney.

13. WATER!!  The Atlantic, the quiet and warm pool, I love it all. And so does my water baby. Of course, that was not the case the first time she tried out the ocean last year...
You would have heard a gasp and shudder...poor baby!
I can't promise I will be posting while I'm away, but I might get the urge to post a few. If not, follow me on instagram (stacietroutman) to keep in touch.

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