TV Tuesday: Stop ruining my Olympics!

I am an Olympics junkie. I watch the opening ceremonies, follow all the personal stories, and might just throw my own parade down the street for our hometown medalist, Abby Johnston....
Whoo hoo! Represent.

No matter what the sport (I watched whitewater kayaking yesterday!), I am glued to the TV to see who wins, even if it is not the Americans. 

There were a few particular stories I was excited to watch. As in, grab a blanket, get some cherry cordial ice cream (you know, just like the athletes do I'm sure), and settle in for a good night of TV.  HOWEVER...

The past 3 days have made me so angry at the TV and internet that I could scream. Just ask Kate, who got the brunt of my outburst today. Jordyn Wieber's heartbreaking fail at qualifying for the all-around? All over the internet. That was just the beginning.
I know. My feelings exactly. It's just like when Twitter and Instagram lit up with the news that Emily picked Jef. Just like it.
Last night, we watched a little package about Missy Franklin, getting to know and love this adorably happy teenager and getting excited for her never-been-done back-to-back race. During the commercial break before she swam her big race, we saw a preview for Today that said, "Missy Franklin and her family join us to celebrate the 17 year old's gold medal win in the backstroke!" Seriously, they showed this about 1 minute prior to the race. 
I can't believe you were born in 1995.
And just today, I tried to avoid the TV coverage out of fear of spoilers. No dice. moments ago, I checked as I do a few times a day when I am bored. I wasn't thinking, clearly. The minute the homepage loaded, there was a HUGE breaking news headline with a swimmer who shall remain nameless and the biggest news this Olympics was going to deliver this year. Oh YEAH, and off to the side, the results of the Women's gymnastics finals, all wrapped up in one headline that made me slam my computer closed. 

What is the deal!? Why are we finding out the results before they are airing?  Is this a big deal to anyone else? I understand that there is a time difference, but can we show it live and DVR it or ask news coverage to ZIP IT until it airs?  Because I would have to think that viewership is going to go down because of this.

Matt, I guess this means we have to start saving for Rio in 2016 so I can see it in person and live the excitement in real time!

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Julie Hallas said...

Yes, Rio De Janiero 2016!!! But the spoilers should be easier to handle because Rio is only ONE hour ahead of us. =)

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