Vacation Part 1: Family Reunion time!

We are back! After 10 days out of town, I am a little disoriented and not even sure where to begin. You will see a lot of photos, that's for sure. Our trip started with a way-too-long wait at the airport since Port Columbus takes 12 minutes to cross town, 3 minutes to get through the security checkpoint and 2 minutes to arrive at your gate (remember this when I contrast our trip back...) I was worried about the flight but was armed with the secret weapons:
  • Sticker book of farm animals 
  • snack mix of Baby goldfish, Cheerios, and yogurt melts
  • Downloaded episodes of SuperWhy! and Yo Gabba Gabba
And here is what happened:
Before we got on the plane, we received definite "I hope that baby isn't sitting next to me" looks. She must have gotten all the wiggles out by running back and forth at gate E28. After the flight, we received compliments. Phew.
We arrived in Charlotte and drove straight to my nephew's house to have a Sonic (welcome to the south:o) lunch with my three adorable nephews, Joshua, Jacob, and Jonah. We played for a while, then set off for my sister's house. This was ground zero for reunion preparation. Have I mentioned that we have never had a reunion before?!

After labeling every item with a picture of my grandparents (who I morbidly pointed out where the only ones unable to join us for the festivities...), we turned in for the night. Here is our handiwork...

Hershey bars, water bottles, and tote bags
And the next day, the party began with about 60 people filling the house and the yard, bouncing in the castle, and playing horse shoes.
Time with Mama, Aunt Vicki, Nana and PawPaw before everyone arrives
The heat was unbearable! Some stayed in the tent, but a lot of us made our way inside. And one of us was dead set on going into the 1000 degree bouncy house.
Cousins Julia, Jonah, Joshua, and Hannah. I'm you see the gold gladiators?
My grandmother and grandfather had 5 boys (one of them my dad) and one girl. Here is my dad's "branch" of the family tree. Dad, his 3 kids, our kids, and even some great grandkids!
My sister did an amazing job organizing it and making everyone feel welcome. The food was plentiful and fabulous, and everyone stayed late into the night to reconnect and joke about old memories.  The next day, we packed up and headed to the beach...


Keith and Julie said...

Looks like fun... can't wait to

Sandy Troutman said...

You told it just as it is...I love your blogging! But, of course, I am prejudiced!!!

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