Vacation Part 2: Bald Head Island

First of all, I know you are asking "Alright, what's with the name?" I will tell you. The Island itself played important roles in both the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. And before that, it was the home to Edward Teach, a.k.a the famous pirate Blackbeard. Apparently it was a huge hangout for pirates. Anyway, here is the explanation that the BHI Village site gives:

"Early river pilots were responsible for giving the Village its unique and descriptive name. Eager to offer their navigational services to ships approaching the entrance to the Cape Fear River, they took up watch on a high dune headland on the southwest point on the island. According to local lore, the headland was worn bare of vegetation, making it stand out in contrast to the forest behind it. This "bald" headland served as a reference point for ships entering the river, and the name Bald Head Island has endured" (from

It was a packed car with Kristy, Paul, Larkyn, and I (and all our stuff!) We had a beautiful evening to ride over on the ferry. Larkyn was excited to watch out the window and point to the water ("gock", like everything else is called).

After settling in to the house and getting used to another new crib to sleep in, Larkyn and I woke up the next morning, ready to hit the beach. The light was never better than that morning and I am in love with these pictures...
The week was beautiful, but of course we had some down time indoors so that Larkyn wouldn't get sunburned. We found all kinds of ways to stay busy! She of course loved climbing on the deck chairs and playing with shells, buckets, and lots of water. She was fascinated by the pump for the floats, tried her first hot dog, and always wanted to be in the rocking chairs.

And remember how I wanted this shot?
Got it! She wasn't thrilled, and the L washed away on the first try, but we got it.

Want to live here, Larky? FYI, the swimdress came in time and I am in love with it!
Love those footprints. She enjoyed running down to the ocean and letting the water crash around her ankles. Until it reached her bootie, then she cried and we took a little walk away from the water.
On our last night, we were treated to the sunset we wait for all week long. We love the fact that no one will ever block that view. 
There are about 200 more pictures! If you'd like to see more, I will have them on my shutterfly site that you can join if you like.

Ten days was a long time to be away from home, from Matt, and from a grocery store that carries milk for below 5.29. However, given the opportunity, I'd go right back. It gets harder and harder to leave my family down there as the babies are growing up and Larkyn is starting to enjoy everyone. Can't wait til the next trip!


Schneider 4.0 said...

Home at last! Great pictures! Looks like you'll need to put these up on your walls!

Sandy T said...

It was a long vacation but I adored being with Larkyn and family all that time! Next year will be filled with new memories and pictures! Beautiful memories captured this year and we thank you for sharing!

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