An Erin Condren spending freeze

I had an epiphany last night. Follow me here while I demonstrate the chain of events. First, I stumbled upon this:
Matt can confirm that I came close to hyperventilation when I opened erincondren,com
So I explored for a while, foaming at the mouth for coordinating pens and personalized stickers. This will not surprise any of you. However, then I saw the price ($50) and I knew I couldn't just throw it in the cart like I do here:

Don't pretend you don't know what store we are in. Or that Larkyn might soon be able to say "Target".
I start out with good intentions. For instance, "I am going to buy her some crayons today. We will be right back." Then I come home with this.
See, I needed a mop and cleaner to maintain a clean home, baby food so she can have her veggies, back to school clothes that were on a great sale, dog treats for the fur babies...
It wouldn't be an issue if it didn't happen EVERY time and multiple times per month. That really adds up. And if we ever want a bigger house and a second kid (one day, not today or in the next year and 1/2)...

A self-imposed freeze. 

Here is the deal I made with myself as I thought about how badly I wanted that planner and how I need to stop spending.

"I will buy the planner because it only makes sense to buy it as school begins. And in return, I will subject myself to a 60 day spending freeze on everything but:
1. Grocery/household items
2. Activities for Larkyn (most are free anyway, but she doesn't need to suffer, right?)
3. Maximum 2 lunches out per week"

This is big.  This means no picking up clothes for Larkyn, which is my Achilles Heel of spending. She has plenty right now. 

And no back to school clothes shopping for the first time since kindergarten. But I have the lovely Audrey to help me with that. I found her website on Pinterest (where I virtually spend all my money) and actually emailed her about a chevron skirt dilemma. She emailed me back with about ten different ways to wear it and has inspired me to remix my whole closet. She is a life-changer, I tell ya.
So, there it is. I will need your support. And I encourage you to try something similar. Erin made it through and is still alive. And she made me buy that dress.

Look forward to meeting my new BFF planner, some wardrobe experiments, and seeing a few things I threw in the Etsy cart before this epiphany happened....


Bonnie Young said...

Yeah, your Target cart looks about like mine when I shop there, especially with stuff piled around baby. It's amazing how I can go in for paper towels and come out with $150 worth of other stuff. Also, by the time a second child comes around spending goes into a totally different direction. I think the last time I bought shoes for myself was Kristy's wedding, but I make sure Christian and Ava get shoes from Stride Rite. At least I get their shoes on sale.:)

Schneider 4.0 said...

Yay for you!!!!! I'm in your same boat with Target. It's easy to walk out with a hefty receipt total. I've been obsessed with pinterest fashion posts and trying to recreate multiple outfits out of just a few items. Here's another great blog that I like....

I just added the one you mentioned to my reading list! Thanks! Can't wait to hear about/see your planner!

the team said...

hahaha love this post! thanks for spreading the erincondren love! enjoy!

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