Loving: double chocolate chip muffins from Batter & Bowl...Larkyn's new habit of fake laughing whenever anyone else laughs (on TV, at a table next to us, anyone)...This weather! I saw someone wearing a North Face at the Farmer's Market, which was kinda ridic, but I guess she wasn't that far off!
Love you, Farmers Market!

Thinking about: Having a Stella and Dot party soon. What do you think?

Sick of: Anything with mustaches on it or "Keep Calm and..." Sorry to ruin the fun, and please carry on with your mustaches, I just don't get it.
picture (before I defaced it) from

Anticipating:  Traveling to Michigan International Speedway for the NASCAR race on Sunday! I had so much fun at the Charlotte one and am hoping its Carl's turn to win this season.

Dreading: Going back to school to start setting up the room on Saturday. Thank you Auntie Kate for watching Larkyn while I do this. I love meeting the kids and having a whole new group  of little friends, but I wish I could outsource the room set-up:)

Watching: Tonight, the closing ceremonies for the Olympics (aka: TV depression begins)

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Schneider 4.0 said...

Here's the mystery of the least for me....if you have ever known someone with one, it is a very big deal for them. My dad had one since he was 18 and only "got rid of it" when he was sick! He loved his stache and wouldn't think of shaving it. I think it's a statement. :) Although, I will agree with you that it is overdone. And I thank God that I don't have one :) HA!

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