Do they make a pill for this?

For Post-Olympic Withdrawal Syndrome? Because I have it. And the closing ceremony isn't even over.

Today, I was actually upset that I missed a basketball game. That is not normal for me. Anyway, I just have to write one more post about this London experience that I apparently thought I actually lived.

What were your favorite moments? And favorite people? Did anything make you cry (Aly Raisman, anyone?)

Here were my top Olympic moments this year (and these ARE in order!)

1. The womens gymnastics team winning the Team Gold (referenced twice already, I believe). The whole thing...every time we nailed something and the sourpuss Russian girls stomped away...the floor routines...McKayla's vault...

2.  OMG, everything Jordyn Wieber. Enough said.

3. Gabby Douglas winning the All-Around gold. Girl pulled it together even though everyone doubted her!!  Hooray for the first African American gold medalist.  She is adorable and gracious.
You know that cereal box is going to be in my cabinet. Why couldn't it be Fruity Pebbles?

4. Missy Franklin's first gold and basically every time she entered the arena. She shows that you can be bubbly and kick butt. I like to think that we share that quality, but I'm old and stopped swimming lessons before she was born.

5. I thought I was sick of Michael Phelps, but he really is impressive isn't he? My favorite swim was the relay where he won the medal that made him the most decorated Olympian of all time. It was interesting to see him not win a few times too--he is human and I am glad he admitted that it reflected the training that he put into it. Do you think he will come back for Rio?

6. There were a few Un-American moments when I cheered for the Brits. Mo Farrah was pretty inspiring with his first gold (and then a second!) for Britain in the 10k and 5k. Loved seeing the hometown crowd rock the place for 30 minutes while he ran as well as him celebrating with his American training parter, Galen Rupp.
LOVE it. Sorry Usain, this is how you react and get noticed by me. Not by saying you're "de best all day every day."

7. David Boudia coming all the way from the bottom one night and saying "I can only go up from here!" and then winning the gold in platform diving the next night. Boo-ya.

8. How bout the US women's track team?! We loved watching Allison, Sanya, Carmelita (awesome name alert), and Dee Dee come out and smash records every time they set foot on that track. Did you know that this was Allison's third try at the Olympics before she medaled?
from  Um, how about hello 24 pack?

9. I fell in love with beach volleyball this year, and of course followed Misty and Kerri's every set. I loved the team dynamic and the support they give each other. Not gonna lie, I kind of want to be the third BFF in that pair.

10. Oscar Pistorius. You rock.

London, you've been good. Thank you for filling my TV, for providing Larkyn with ample moments to applaud, for letting me stay up hours later than I ever do, and for just making me feel good about humanity. It's a little bit of denial before the election goes into full swing, school starts up, and life gets crazy again. See you in Sochi. *you're welcome--I didn't know where it was either*

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Bonnie Young said...

You forgot to mention USA 400 meter relay runner Manteo Mitchell...He ran on a broken leg!!! Can not even imagine doing something like that. Truly an Olympic moment.

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