Thursday 13: Our house

You've heard me talk about our little abode, yes? This little girl (it is totally a girl) right here?
RIP dad's car.
I like hearing about where other people live, so I thought maybe I'd throw out a few fun facts for ya. I know you are dying to hear them.

1, It was built in 1945. So, it is officially a post-war home. That website cracks me up because our neighborhood is entirely comprised of Rowenas, Brendas, Plymouths, and all the others. The wording in the ads is so sweet.

2. Not sure if you can tell, but the backyard is almost fully-shaded. And it is 100% my favorite feature of our lot. With 60+ years of maturity and quite a big backyard, our house is kept pretty cool.
Look at those cheeks right around her first birthday!  Hee hee. I love the perennials that come up every year in the yard.
3. We used to have the original blue sink and tub. It was a little sad to see them go..but not that sad.

4. We have beautiful dark wood floors that are unfortunately scratched from Sebastian's claws. Ideas?

5.  The trade-off for having an attached garage in this neck of the woods means we only have 2 bedrooms. Not the smartest move, but I'm hoping someone else will be tempted by the same thing when we go to sell!

6. I love this floor but it drives me to edge. White dog hairs show up on the black squares and black dog hairs show up on the white. This is not a good flooring choice for a multi-colored dog family.

7. There is some crazy "graffiti" in the basement. And by that I mean lots of Grateful Dead references and stars with circles around them (pretty sure those are some sort of wiccan symbol) painted on the ventwork. I think the last owners were in awe of it like we are. What do you do with that!?

8. We have lilac and honeysuckle bushes that are easily 10 feet tall in the back. They bloomed when we found the place, they bloomed when we brought Larkyn home...they have a special place in my heart.

9.  Our (now deceased) neighbor planted our big maple in the backyard where Larkyn swings. He and our original owner built their homes together and Carl lived in his until he died 2 years ago. He was such a gentleman and lived quite the life of a local celebrity.

10. The Terminix man (who came to get me to spend money) assures me that there are mice in the attic. And dead birds. I think he was hoping I'd just believe him and want to spend hundreds to have them removed. I half didn't believe him/half didn't really care because that is like the last thing on my house to-do list. I know, awful.

11. We can walk to Walgreens! I know because I tried it yesterday. I regretted it about halfway there because I didn't realize it was so hot. But across from Walgreens is a shopping center with Macy's, restaurants, and our grocery store. Maybe if we walk to those, we won't spend as much or at least not have shopping guilt because we walked?

12. When choosing paint colors, my inspiration was this room. I mean, we went all the way down to the red sofa and identical artwork. Well. when YHL suggests something, I listen. Let's just say Benjamin Moore Westminster Gold 200 does not look like this at all in our house. It is very "sunny" and if I didn't hate painting so much, I'd give it a nice coat of light greige.

 13. I am out of facts. But thoughts? There are a lot of things to which I am emotionally attached in this house. The built-ins my dad made, Larkyn's nursery, the backyard. What do you love about your house?

Thanks, dad! And oh yeah, we like colorful paint in this house.


callie ;) said...

stacie - i have been such a #failblogger for the past few months that i just found your comment(s) on my blog! i'm so excited to read yours and catch up on your life. your family is beautiful! xo :)

Desiree said...

I love this post! And you're so right, when YHL talks, you listen! I find myself referencing them at least once a day now that we've closed on our house and we're starting the renovations, because ours is so similar to their first house! I'm shamelessly about the copy the hell out of their first house! :-)

And Larkyn's cheeks!! If my baby had cheeks like that, I'd be nomming on them daily! :-)

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