Birthday Thursday: 17 months

This was as good as it got. I could choose between "climbing away" or "blurry tears". Please notice the 1/2 painted wall.

New favorite foods: Taco salad, and anything Miss C makes her for lunch. She will eat anything for the sitter!

New skills: Running, recognizing landmarks out the window and saying "Ooooohhhh!" every time she sees them. Like me with Target.

Obsessions: Being chased, watching The Goodnight Show on Sprout, trucks

New way to charm strangers: Saying "Hi!!" with almost cartoon-like enthusiasm

Challenges us by: Showing us her sudden dramatic side. God forbid we suggest a bath or a nap (two things she likes)...she protests like no other. She screams when I drop her at Miss C's (and stops 2.3 seconds after I close the door), which is "fun". It's almost funny seeing this new side of her because she is such an easygoing is all great practice for her future Emmy award when she beats out the Jolie-Pitt twins.

I haaaaaate eating delicious Apple Jacks and yogurt, mama. Don't ever suggest it again!

Watch out Vivienne and Knox.


Bonnie Young said...

Cute post...brings back memories. Oh, wait...what am I talking about. The drama is still happening

Nana Sandy said...

hahaha! I see that tear in her eye! I witnessed that a couple times yesterday too and it was gone in an instant! Little Faker!! I love you Larkyn, Nana

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