Sentimental Sunday: Homecoming at Otterbein

If you were in a sorority at a small college, you know how important Homecoming was. We worked for DAYS "pomming" our float, coming up with the perfect playlist to go along with the theme, so we could blare it out of the speakers, and showing up at 7 AM (in the rain or snow every year) to get the show on the road. There was always drama, but there was always fun.

I try to go back each year, and since they changed from quarters to semesters, Homecoming is way earlier and has much better weather! I love taking Larkyn to see all of her "aunties" and the other Theta Nu kids. I get to see the old Craftsman house (it is actually the exact kind of home I'd love to have one day) and see how much better the girls have it 10 years later. The day they get air conditioning, they will officially be spoiled:)

This year, we met up for breakfast at the house and a little parade-watching, followed by lunch with Daisy and Nikki at the Campus Center.

We all know its all about the outfit:) Our mascot was the deer, so Larkyn thought is appropriate to wear this.

The old house! And there are 2 little Violets, sitting where their mamas used to contemplate the world.

Where is that parade? As you can see, the crowd was a little young for all the candy being thrown at them, but Larkyn held on to her pack of Smarties like it was gold. And how cute are the twins?

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Schneider 4.0 said...

Um...I hate to break it to you, but I'm pretty sure they have air now. :)

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