Style Sunday: Instagram frame success!

Well, hello. It's been a while.

That would be because I am back in school, this time with 45 kindergartners to keep me busy. I think about blogging. But all I can seem to do when I get home is keep up with Larkyn and provide the basic needs for my family. The first few weeks back to school is survival mode. But I digress....

Let's talk about my new friend, purchased before the spending freeze. As you might recall, I attempted to DIY this baby, to no avail. I enlisted the help of the fabulous Emily of La Peony Pink.
Etsy shop here

I told her exactly what I wanted, and she made it come to life!  I wanted to hang the 2" size photos so that I could showcase as many as I could at one time. I wanted it black (her store is so light and airy and feminine), and I wanted it not to cost a million dollars. She stayed in contact with me, sharing her sketches, letting me know how it was going, and then finally my gorgeous brown paper package arrived in the mail. I was impressed with the turnaround time of my custom creation. Here it is!

When there is a day with more natural light, I will take better pictures!
The clothespins are glittered, the pictures lay beautifully, and I didn't have to make it myself. Sometimes, it is just worth it to skip the DIY:)  Now, my question for you is...what the heck else should I put on this wall!?

Because I am not buying anything new, I would like to use my small black quatrefoil mirror I already have, but I need something else to make a grouping of three. What do you think?

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Julie Hallas said...

What about a little three-hook board for little hanging things?

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