Wednesday in Pictures

Hooray! Cheering on the walkers at the American Heart Association Walk in the Brewery District. She clapped for everyone. (Note: we weren't IN the walk because we went to see cousin Braden's band perform..maybe next year to support Paw Paw!)
Snacking away with Jax at the Heart Walk. Team Cheez-Its.

We have enough hair for a ponytail!

I can never get a clear picture of elusive Zoe these days. She loves when Matt puts her under the covers in the morning.

My little cupcake queen. She walked around with a counting book all day, pointing to the picture of "5 Cupcakes" and saying "Mmmmmm". So, I have to make the girl some cupcakes.

I'm so jealous of the lighting in my mom's house! We went over for some Labor Day pot roast, since the weather was not grill-friendly.

My planner arrived today! I'll tell you all about it later, but now I have to go and have a marathon calendar session (my drug of choice)

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