Wednesday in Pictures: Trick or Treat!

Well, it was the worst possible weather for Larkyn's first Trick or Treat, but that didn't stop us from going out for a quick trip to the neighbors' houses! Everything about this holiday was created for this kid. The chance to dress like a piggie, running down the street like she always wants to, meeting new people, and getting CANDY...are you kidding me?  If the weather is good next year, I guarantee she will be the last one in that night.

She came to school to see everyone and get in some costume time in case the weather was too bad. I loved having the nice, warm hand-me down (which did fit perfectly, the elastic ankles just kept riding up!) I was happy to see that my girl loved it as much as I used to.

What made your day?

Here's what made mine. It was an icky, cold Saturday, but a few things brightened it up!

Breakfast with Nana and Paw Paw at Cracker Barrel. You should have seen Larkyn eat her eggs. And mine. And man, does she love that gift shop!  PS...go there immediately and get the cinnamon streusel french toast. Photo via    

Welcoming our new bedroom furniture. This is extremely exciting for us because we have been using my furniture I received when I was 8 (shout out to Lane furniture for lasting this long and still holding up!) Oh and it is our first bed with a frame and all the accoutrement that one possesses in a "grown-up bed". Toronto storage bed from Value City Furniture
Matching Toronto dresser. The mirror is like an IMAX screen compared to my old one.
Fire. Who doesn't love to look at this until their eyes cross?

Well, hello! I picked up this mercury glass cutie at Kohl's today for $8 thanks to an Instagram tip.

At nap time, I made a big batch of Halloween Puppy Chow, as promised. So quick and easy. And addictive.
What made you smile today? Show us!

Thursday 13: Best songs in my book

I don't do as much driving as I used to commute is a fantastic 7 miles down 3 roads. And there is a baby in the car 90% of the time. So, my music collection has come to a screeching halt in the last few years. But, I still crank it up to some of these old favorites and a few new ones that I can't get out of my head lately...

1. Little Big Town: Boondocks Just TRY not to join in the break-down at the very end. Feel free to slap your thigh and go all out while still being a safe driver.

2. Red Hot Chili Peppers: Under the Bridge  This is just a sentimental one for me. Reminds me of growing up and summer on the beach, because RHCP was always on the "boombox".

3. Blind Melon: No Rain  Come on, who doesn't love the girl in the bee suit?

4. Tim McGraw: Truck Yeah  New FAVE! The first time, you might think it is stupid, like I did. Soon though, you will wanna back it on up, yeah and get yourself an F150. What?

5. The Temper Trap: Sweet Disposition  Don't play this if you don't want to see me cry. For some reason I have associated it with Larkyn being born, so it gets me.

6.  Belinda Carlisle: Heaven is a Place on Earth OK, this one reflects that I am indeed a female, unlike the others. I cannot tell you how many times this was belted from my sorority house bedroom while enjoying Down Home Punch.

7. Philip Phillips: Home  I'm still not sick of it. And, since it was used in the coverage of my BFFs, I think of them too. I hope the rest of his songs have this sound.

8. Freda Payne: Band of Gold So random!  This is my go-to karaoke song when needed. And you're welcome for that video.

9. Dixie Chicks: Cowboy Take me Away (really the whole album Fly could go here)  Ohhhh, high school heartache and your songs have become my daughter's lullabies.

10. 2Pac: California Love  Do you remember this video? I felt like I was a 12 year old rebel just for watching it. Keep it rockin', Compton.

11. Carrie Underwood: So small  Carrie is my guilty pleasure, and this is my mushy song of the list.

12.  Lady Antebellum: American Honey  One of the prettiest songs I think has ever been written. And that Heather's voice!

13. The Killers: Mr. Brightside  Simply because of this scene. It has been recreated more than once.

For once, I could probably keep going on this list til about 100. I love me some sing-alongs!

What are you pinning?

I've been a lazy blogger. Something must be going around because most of the bloggers I follow are a little slow right now too, so I don't feel as bad!

What have I been doing instead? Pinning, of course. That really doesn't take as much thought, honestly. It has become a calming nightly ritual. Here are my top 10 of the week. What do you think? Sorry I didn't link to the pins, but it's time for the debate on TV. Follow me on Pinterest and you'll see links to all of these and 837 other things I adore.

Someone please show me how to French braid!

Am I alone here? I get all serious and hunkered down...

I cannot tell you how true this is, once they get to kindergarten.

Finally, someone gets it right. Down with raisins!

Another reason we need recreate this photo.

Fall sangria. I'll post the recipe on here if I like it!

Obsessed with blazers.

Cinnamon Peach dessert repinned from Desiree. With a boxed coffee cake on top!

I promise guys, I'll make this soon. Hallween puppy chow.

Yeah right on the heels, but I have to find the other pieces!

Celebrating 18 months!

Can you believe it?

Two years ago I was in the blissful wonderland of Buy Buy Baby and Pottery Barn Kids, dreaming up a nursery (without the invention of Pinterest) and hoping I could use my favorite name for my little one.

Today was a beautiful day to celebrate our year and a half with Larkyn.

We drove out to Marysville to get our Christmas card pictures taken, she played in the leaves for the first time, and we ran around outside.

So, what is she up to these days?

New words that crack us up:
bappo (apple), bebe (baby), bees (please), Ewwwww! (when she sees something dirty)

New foods we never thought she'd eat:  Peanut butter!  Finally we can give it to her without worrying that she will burst into hives or some other dramatic reaction. Also, she loved trying shrimp and is a roast beef connoisseur. Daddy introduced her to Popeyes Chicken this weekend and she shoveled in the fried, spicy goodness until we cut her off.

Current ways to make her mad:  Interrupt her leaf-playing time. You will see in our Christmas card pictures how much she loved playing in them. So much that any attempt for a "family" picture was a fail, because we were disrupting her leaf party!

Ways to fix it and make her happy again: Playing "I'm gonna get you" and hide and seek. She is really into letters and numbers right now, too.


Ways she enjoys testing us:  The bink fight. She is pretty much down to night time and nap time with it. I took these pictures as soon as she woke up, so she still had it. I was so mad that I forgot to take it out! Falling asleep on the way home from anywhere and then refusing her nap when we get home. Booooooo.

Interesting fact about her sweater: It was shipped from Norway from a beloved student's grandmother. She HANDMADE it just for Larkyn. Swoon.

Things we are anticipating next: Trick or Treating this year!  I'll give you one little hint before you see pictures next week. Oink, oink!

60 years together

This weekend, we drove up to Berea to surprise Matt's grandparents with a 60th anniversary celebration.
A re-creation of their wedding cake, with their special color, purple
We met at Matt's Aunt Jeanette's house (gorgeous). The family arrived and all we had to do was wait on the bride and groom. When they came to the front door, I had my camera ready to capture their faces, but a little someone decided to run to the front door to greet them. They were very confused to see their great grand daughter, but so happy upon entering the kitchen and putting it all together! Here they are, enjoying their feast and each other. Her corsage was the same kind of flower she had 60 years ago!

They have 4 girls, who all have their own families. Here we all are...
The kids were looking at the photographer, who sprinted into the picture after setting the timer. I left out the version of Larkyn flailing like a bucking bronco.

While the grown-ups ate (and ate, and ate), the kids stayed busy too...
Larkyn played with her cousin (who has amazing babysitting skills), went up and down the staircase 25+ times, tried punch with her auntie, and learned the magic of balloons with Jax. Lesson learned? For Christmas, we can set out a folding chair, a punch bowl, 3 helium balloons, and let her go up and down our front porch steps over and over. Speaking of Christmas...

60 years is twice my lifetime. It is pretty amazing that they have gone through all of life's stages together and now have this big family to share it with. We all hope for this kind of stability, but rarely is it found. Here's to the firefighter who raised 4 girls and his elegant wife who has never owned a pair of jeans!

How to be a fashion icon

I kid, I kid, but I got your attention, right?

So, I only made it halfway through my spending freeze, which didn't make me feel great. Where could I make cuts if I wanted to help finish off the living room I want to marry?  It would have to be in my wardrobe. Because I've had a "first day of school" for 25 years now, I have grown accustomed to buying Back to School clothes every Fall. But this year, I decided to take what I have and be creative.

And the results? I have never had so many compliments on my outfits. Two people this week said they needed me to dress them in the mornings. Love you guys. Although I am flattered, I already am in charge of one little lady's outfits in the mornings. BUT, I can tell you what I have changed and how you can enjoy your wardrobe a little more without spending much (if any)....

Nothing earth-shattering, right?

Basically, I added interest. Instead of the typical formulas (pants+top, dress+tights), I am adding these pieces that seem to transform the outfit and make me appear much more put together than I probably am:)

1. Belts: If I am wearing a cardigan, I put a skinny one over top of it to give it shape. If there is no cardigan, I add a wide one over a dress. This one goes with almost anything, but I also have a skinny yellow and plan to find a few more. A tip: A lot of Kohl's and Target skirts come with a belt...bonus!

2. Leggings: These are just a necessity of the season! How can you live without them? You will need more than just black though. Gray or brown will allow you to pair them with more outfits and have a softer feel than black.

3. Cardigans: Layers make any outfit more interesting, especially if they are colorful. This is also your way of taking your summer favorites into Fall. 

4. Scarves:  I think we have talked about this before. They have almost replaced necklaces in my book!  If you love wearing black every day (It's so versatile, who could blame you?), adding a colorful print scarf will wake up your face and add dimension/texture. And check out this pin that leads you to a million (OK not that many) ways to tie it... I could spend my entire paycheck at this site.
So there you go. You can do it too. I even challenge you to use what you have in your closet (and maybe let yourself buy a few of the items I listed), and try to go all season without buying something new. If all else, text me in the mornings with your pieces and I'll help you figure them out.


Feeling: I am exhausted. It was just one thing after another today, and I am mentally spent. All I wanted out of this day was a pumpkin spice latte:(
If your teacher is me, I will tell ya about apostrophe placement as well

Thinking about:  Trying colored denim! Walking on the wild side, I know. But pants are sooo boring, which is why I avoid them as long as I can. Maybe a pair or two of cobalt or red will be fun. Of course, I got this idea from Miss Audrey...

Anticipating: This baby sale next Saturday. This year, Larkyn's drawers are scarily empty compared to last year. Last year, we had a million hand me downs and I had bought throughout my entire pregnancy. This year, I know about the baby sale and can't wait to get some winter clothes and shoes for my growing girl!  If you haven't been to a baby consignment sale, GO!! I'll come with you.

Impressed by: Larkyn's sudden growing vocabulary. It is so fun to hear her gain about a word a week now, and paired with her new over-the-top fake/courtesy laugh, she is cracking me up.

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