Celebrating 18 months!

Can you believe it?

Two years ago I was in the blissful wonderland of Buy Buy Baby and Pottery Barn Kids, dreaming up a nursery (without the invention of Pinterest) and hoping I could use my favorite name for my little one.

Today was a beautiful day to celebrate our year and a half with Larkyn.

We drove out to Marysville to get our Christmas card pictures taken, she played in the leaves for the first time, and we ran around outside.

So, what is she up to these days?

New words that crack us up:
bappo (apple), bebe (baby), bees (please), Ewwwww! (when she sees something dirty)

New foods we never thought she'd eat:  Peanut butter!  Finally we can give it to her without worrying that she will burst into hives or some other dramatic reaction. Also, she loved trying shrimp and is a roast beef connoisseur. Daddy introduced her to Popeyes Chicken this weekend and she shoveled in the fried, spicy goodness until we cut her off.

Current ways to make her mad:  Interrupt her leaf-playing time. You will see in our Christmas card pictures how much she loved playing in them. So much that any attempt for a "family" picture was a fail, because we were disrupting her leaf party!

Ways to fix it and make her happy again: Playing "I'm gonna get you" and hide and seek. She is really into letters and numbers right now, too.


Ways she enjoys testing us:  The bink fight. She is pretty much down to night time and nap time with it. I took these pictures as soon as she woke up, so she still had it. I was so mad that I forgot to take it out! Falling asleep on the way home from anywhere and then refusing her nap when we get home. Booooooo.

Interesting fact about her sweater: It was shipped from Norway from a beloved student's grandmother. She HANDMADE it just for Larkyn. Swoon.

Things we are anticipating next: Trick or Treating this year!  I'll give you one little hint before you see pictures next week. Oink, oink!


Schneider 4.0 said...

Does the grandma make adult sweaters? It's sooo stinkin' cute! And her hair has really grown! What a big girl she's getting to be!

Julie Hallas said...

I heart your blog entries! Especially because this one came to my email too! Double dose of love!

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