How to be a fashion icon

I kid, I kid, but I got your attention, right?

So, I only made it halfway through my spending freeze, which didn't make me feel great. Where could I make cuts if I wanted to help finish off the living room I want to marry?  It would have to be in my wardrobe. Because I've had a "first day of school" for 25 years now, I have grown accustomed to buying Back to School clothes every Fall. But this year, I decided to take what I have and be creative.

And the results? I have never had so many compliments on my outfits. Two people this week said they needed me to dress them in the mornings. Love you guys. Although I am flattered, I already am in charge of one little lady's outfits in the mornings. BUT, I can tell you what I have changed and how you can enjoy your wardrobe a little more without spending much (if any)....

Nothing earth-shattering, right?

Basically, I added interest. Instead of the typical formulas (pants+top, dress+tights), I am adding these pieces that seem to transform the outfit and make me appear much more put together than I probably am:)

1. Belts: If I am wearing a cardigan, I put a skinny one over top of it to give it shape. If there is no cardigan, I add a wide one over a dress. This one goes with almost anything, but I also have a skinny yellow and plan to find a few more. A tip: A lot of Kohl's and Target skirts come with a belt...bonus!

2. Leggings: These are just a necessity of the season! How can you live without them? You will need more than just black though. Gray or brown will allow you to pair them with more outfits and have a softer feel than black.

3. Cardigans: Layers make any outfit more interesting, especially if they are colorful. This is also your way of taking your summer favorites into Fall. 

4. Scarves:  I think we have talked about this before. They have almost replaced necklaces in my book!  If you love wearing black every day (It's so versatile, who could blame you?), adding a colorful print scarf will wake up your face and add dimension/texture. And check out this pin that leads you to a million (OK not that many) ways to tie it... I could spend my entire paycheck at this site.
So there you go. You can do it too. I even challenge you to use what you have in your closet (and maybe let yourself buy a few of the items I listed), and try to go all season without buying something new. If all else, text me in the mornings with your pieces and I'll help you figure them out.


Schneider 4.0 said...

You are a total fashionista! Totally stop at your local Goodwill. I just picked up a zebra print skinny belt I would have NEVER paid for at a real store, but didn't mind it at $1.00, I have a new accessory! And I agree with you....just accessorize differently and voila--whole new outfit! Keep it up!

Desiree said...

I second Goodwill. I'm trying to train myself to go to Goodwill first, TJ Maxx/Marshall's second, then the 'real' stores. I don't always do so well, but I'm trying!

I find that if I put a tiny bit of effort into my outfits, I feel better. Even if it's something as simple as a scarf or pretty earrings, it really makes a difference!

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