Thursday 13: Best songs in my book

I don't do as much driving as I used to commute is a fantastic 7 miles down 3 roads. And there is a baby in the car 90% of the time. So, my music collection has come to a screeching halt in the last few years. But, I still crank it up to some of these old favorites and a few new ones that I can't get out of my head lately...

1. Little Big Town: Boondocks Just TRY not to join in the break-down at the very end. Feel free to slap your thigh and go all out while still being a safe driver.

2. Red Hot Chili Peppers: Under the Bridge  This is just a sentimental one for me. Reminds me of growing up and summer on the beach, because RHCP was always on the "boombox".

3. Blind Melon: No Rain  Come on, who doesn't love the girl in the bee suit?

4. Tim McGraw: Truck Yeah  New FAVE! The first time, you might think it is stupid, like I did. Soon though, you will wanna back it on up, yeah and get yourself an F150. What?

5. The Temper Trap: Sweet Disposition  Don't play this if you don't want to see me cry. For some reason I have associated it with Larkyn being born, so it gets me.

6.  Belinda Carlisle: Heaven is a Place on Earth OK, this one reflects that I am indeed a female, unlike the others. I cannot tell you how many times this was belted from my sorority house bedroom while enjoying Down Home Punch.

7. Philip Phillips: Home  I'm still not sick of it. And, since it was used in the coverage of my BFFs, I think of them too. I hope the rest of his songs have this sound.

8. Freda Payne: Band of Gold So random!  This is my go-to karaoke song when needed. And you're welcome for that video.

9. Dixie Chicks: Cowboy Take me Away (really the whole album Fly could go here)  Ohhhh, high school heartache and your songs have become my daughter's lullabies.

10. 2Pac: California Love  Do you remember this video? I felt like I was a 12 year old rebel just for watching it. Keep it rockin', Compton.

11. Carrie Underwood: So small  Carrie is my guilty pleasure, and this is my mushy song of the list.

12.  Lady Antebellum: American Honey  One of the prettiest songs I think has ever been written. And that Heather's voice!

13. The Killers: Mr. Brightside  Simply because of this scene. It has been recreated more than once.

For once, I could probably keep going on this list til about 100. I love me some sing-alongs!

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