What made your day?

Here's what made mine. It was an icky, cold Saturday, but a few things brightened it up!

Breakfast with Nana and Paw Paw at Cracker Barrel. You should have seen Larkyn eat her eggs. And mine. And man, does she love that gift shop!  PS...go there immediately and get the cinnamon streusel french toast. Photo via foodspotting.com    

Welcoming our new bedroom furniture. This is extremely exciting for us because we have been using my furniture I received when I was 8 (shout out to Lane furniture for lasting this long and still holding up!) Oh and it is our first bed with a frame and all the accoutrement that one possesses in a "grown-up bed". Toronto storage bed from Value City Furniture
Matching Toronto dresser. The mirror is like an IMAX screen compared to my old one.
Fire. Who doesn't love to look at this until their eyes cross?

Well, hello! I picked up this mercury glass cutie at Kohl's today for $8 thanks to an Instagram tip.

At nap time, I made a big batch of Halloween Puppy Chow, as promised. So quick and easy. And addictive.
What made you smile today? Show us!

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Nana Sandy said...

Great blog this morning! I love the new furniture! What makes me happy? Finishing another shawl, having breakfast with my family at Cracker Barrel and finally getting excited about Christmas! And you say...why? Because I can't wait to see the sparkle in Larkyn's eyes this year! Nana

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