15-18 month essentials

It's that time again, when I share my favorite things that have helped me get through mom-of-a-toddlerhood through each stage of the game. Hope it helps you buy some useful things for the holidays...
Skidders!  Not the Skidder socks (no tread on the bottom), but these bad boys. They claim to be an indoor/outdoor hybrid of sock and shoe. We have a pair for the sitter's house and a pair for our house. I don't want her running around in slippery socks, bare feet, or stuck in shoes at home, so these are the solution. You can get them for $14.99 at Target, or for multiple prices on amazon.com.
Once Larkyn's hair got long enough, I started doing ponytails and pigtails ASAP. I tried 2 other kinds of bands that were ridiculously unflexible. These little rubberbands save the day, and if you lose one, you have 1000 more. I have yet to get one tangled in her hair, which is also a plus! I found them at Giant Eagle for 2.99.

Make way! She loved this stroller so much that we had to pack it in our vacation bag. It folds up just like a real umbrella stroller and it super light. Her cousin (who is a boy) also loves to play with it. Look how happy she is in her trail of destruction! This is the You and Me umbrella stroller from Babies R Us for 9.99.

OK, I had a bad-mom moment a few weeks ago. As I was giving her a bath, I thought "Wonder if I will ever use that faucet cover I got at her shower? She's never even gotten close to the faucet." Within seconds, she tried to stand up in the tub and smacked the back of her head on the faucet. Out came this little guy, who has protected her ever since. You are truly a mom when your faucet is covered in an ocean creature. This is the Skip Hop Moby whale from amazon.com for 10.47.

This could be any box of dry cereal here, but this is her new favorite. This has been a lifesaver because she no longer takes a morning nap....which was when I used to shower. Now, I pour a ton of cereal on her high chair tray, snap her in, turn on Sprout, and take my shower! By the time she is done picking up each piece to eat it, I am successfully showered!

The Fisher Price baby animal sounds app. This is a screen shot of her favorite sound. Rarr! We use this when someone (ie: everyone) takes an excessive amount of time to help us at any given store or restaurant. It is free in the app store! Another good one is Toddler Jukebox.

Jumping beans jeggings. We had them in capri for summer and full length for winter. Much more comfy than real jeans (am I right, ladies?) and perfect underneath dresses or shirts. AND $5.50 at Kohl's. Run there.

Lift-the-flap board books are a favorite around here. In particular, we love books by Karen Katz, Elise Broach, and any of the Biscuit books for the holidays. All of these either have flaps or textures to them. These are the books she brings to me to read to her every night!

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Nana Sandy said...

Well, thank you Mommy for doing my shopping for me:) Great ideas!!

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