19 months...whew!

Let's just say that months 18-19 have been totally different from the past year and a half. Lots of changes, good and not so good...I guess all to be expected!  Larkyn is making us laugh a lot more and making us shake our heads  lot more. Welcome to toddlerhood.

New words this month: "no?" (always said like a question but clearly it is a declaration, "wehwa"= umbrella, "bapo"= apple, MOMMY (yayyyy!), "boop"= boot, "oh whoa!"= whenever something goes wrong/looks slightly amiss (ie: our neighbors cut their tree down and for days, it has been an "oh whoa" situation

New skills: Identifying letters A-G or the letters on my North Face sweatshirt

New developments that make us say "Oh whoa": She still hasn't adjusted to Daylight Savings Time apparently. Ever since that day, she has woken up an hour early, which is no fun when I am trying to get ready for work. I'm not sure if I should dread or welcome "Spring forward"??

New favorite activities:  Climbing and standing on the ottoman, pretend play with the baby doll (baby loves to eat syrup and salt), running. Man does she love to run. You can bring her back from the dark side simply by asking "Do you want to run?", bubble baths!

New favorite foods:  I'm not sure because all of a sudden she doesn't like much of anything anymore. Oatmeal cookies from the McDonald's drive through? Those are a God-send.

So what comes next in this stage, mamas? 

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