26 Acts Challenge

Last Sunday, I was sitting in line at Starbucks singing to Eartha Kitt's ridiculous "Santa Baby" and looking forward to my coffee cake and caramel brulee latte. When I got to the window, the guy said "The woman in front of you paid for your order, so you're good to go!"  I was stunned. I know it was a little gesture, but I wasn't expecting it. In my confusion, I said thanks and drove away. I should have paid for the person behind me, I just wasn't thinking!

I did end up paying it forward to a friend within an hour or two of the Starbucks Miracle, but I still don't feel satisfied with it.

Because of the nature of my workplace (elementary school), we were understandably not permitted to discuss the tragedies of Newtown Connecticut. Having family there and being in the exact setting of the actual shootings, I probably feel a little more connected to it than most people. Hit me hard.

Anyway, have you seen this? Scroll down to check out all the good ideas. I am inspired! There was no way I could get them done before Christmas, so I am just going to make it a goal this winter to get them done. And hopefully those 26 will lead to 676 (26x26...math for the day) kind gestures.

Thanks to Mel for showing lots of different ways to get this down without spending lots of money. What about you? Will you try it?

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