Birthday Thursday: 20 Months

Yesterday was her first time to "play" in the snow. I use "play" loosely, as she sat and looked around or wanted to walk only in the neighbor's yard. I'd say she's a little indifferent to the snow at this point.

Favorite activities: Playing with your new Christmas stuff, using a broom to "help" me sweep, pretend play

New words:  Bowl (necessary for everything I give you), Buhlease (please), "me" (knee), "Ba-paw" (my dad), "nono" (rhino), bubbles!

Ways you make us laugh:  It's pretty funny when you kick on command. Also, whenever you hear a train, the world stops as you listen, and you respond with a "wooo woo!"

Ways you get into trouble:  With the cold weather, you are getting stir crazy. This has been translating into random screams or banging things around to shake things up a bit. Ah yes, and coloring on the walls. Thank goodness they invented washable crayons, which did not exist in 1984 when I had the same idea.

Sweet things you do:  You hold up your stuffed animals to our mouths and say "Mmmm..." to give them a kiss. You will give family kisses when they leave or when you go to bed. You walk over to the dogs and pet them, saying "Awwww".

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