The Great Christmas Post

I'll let the pictures do the talking. What a wonderful day we had!
Christmas Eve at Grandma's house
Stockings have always been my favorite part of Christmas! I love finding those perfect little things that my family will use and shows that I know them (except now Matt has 16 tubes of chapstick because Santa overcalculated his usage).

The tree is dwarfed by the gifts! They aren't all for us...that's for the whole family! Well, let's be honest...they're mostly for Larkyn.

Good morning! Check out your new kitchen, baby! PS- we LOVE our Hannah Andersson PJs!  And the kitchen is the Kidkraft Espresso. It took 2 hours to put together but was very straightforward and hard to mess up. We hope it lasts for several years!

I had to laugh. But I was impressed that he actually wrapped!  I had absolutely no idea what was inside.

Seriously?!  Daddy done good.

Santa and his helper had a little snafu, so the dogs didn't have anything in their stockings. We put toys that they thought disappeared in their stocking as well as a jar of peanut butter and a Kong!  They were happy as could be!
Always have to have a special Christmas breakfast. This year, it was Paula Deen's Gorilla bread. Next time, we will omit the cream cheese. Otherwise, delish!

While we are waiting for round 2 of the gifts, she kept herself busy with the phone. Another mama might scoff at the toddler Uggs. I'll have you know that this child requests her "boops" daily, they go on easily, and keep her warm. When your little one starts to resist socks and shoes, these are a lifesaver!

The Pottery Barn cupcakes were a huge hit. She says "Mmmm!" every time she sees them and will offer them to her guests.

"Give PawPaw a kiss!"  His favorite little girl.

Her favorite gift? The new shoes (Keen Coronado). She wanted them on ASAP and then ran back and forth in them.

Her other favorite:  CHICA!!  If you don't know Chica the chicken, congratulations to you for not spending your day watching Sprout. She is adorable though.

Feeding her baby from Nana (it is creepily life-like but perfect for a 20 month old)

Do you know what time it is? Time to end the best Christmas I can remember in a long time!  And to show you the watch I was lucky to receive. I've always been a Fossil girl, and the Georgia watches are my new fave!  Ready for one in every color:)

So there you go. Just a small glimpse of our day. There are 200 more pictures, but I will spare you. What was your favorite gift you gave or received?  What did your toddlers like?

Merry Christmas!

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