We are back!

And man, do I have a lot of catching up to do. So expect a few posts today, while Snicklefritz is napping and I am all cranked up from my peppermint mocha.

It's time for a December wrap up. Which depresses me. My poor mother can confirm that I was known for crying after my birthday and after Christmas because all the fun was over. January pretty much sucks, except for Julie's birthday and...yeah that's it.

This December was especially great because of my toddler. It is true, Christmas is fun again when you have kids around. Christmas is always fun for me...I don't get the stress that comes with it. It is a choice: you can choose to be stressed out over buying, wrapping, cooking, cleaning, or you can say: "this is supposed to be fun and dammit if I am going to use boxed cheesy potatoes and be OK with it" :)  With that, I now present by favorite moments of December...

10. These 2 fails that went a little something like this:
  • City of Dublin tree lighting (oh, sounds fun, right?)- speed home, feed baby, dress baby in 6 layers, try to stuff her into carseat that doesn't accommodate 6 layers. Get stuck in rush our traffic on 2 lane road. No parking whatsoever. Off-road with the stroller through the city and arrive at said tree lighting to hear "3-2-1...Happy Holidays! Santa will meet everyone back at the library!" (where we parked). Arrive back at library, where we should have stayed, to see a line 12312836 people long. Decide to go home, pass Santa in a firetruck on our way out.
  • Columbus Zoo Lights: Decide to go out on a 60 degree Saturday night. HA. Everyone else in the greater Columbus area had the same idea. Divert to over-priced Alum Creek lights and wait in 2 total hours of traffic getting there and back. Screaming child. December has to get better...

9. Going to see Santa at the high school Santa Breakfast. I am totally sold on never going back to the mall Santa. This is my advice to you: find a Santa breakfast to support a school, church, or Rec Center and GO. Admission was $5 and we got breakfast, social time with Julie and other Dublin teachers.

8. Making Christmas snack mix and bringing it to my coworkers. It was so easy and brought a smile to their faces.

7.  Mama's day out shopping. I took a personal day, dropped Larkyn off with Miss C., and got 90% of the Christmas shopping done at my favorite mall. I could take as long as I wanted to compare every tea set in Pottery Barn Kids or every go back and forth on 5 pairs of pajamas at the Loft. It was Heaven.

6. Watching 25 Days of Christmas on ABC Family with Matt. Though there was way too much Tim Allen and not enough Chevy Chase, we had fun relaxing with a fire and a movie almost every night!

5. Wrapping presents with my fantastic $9 coordinating set from Target. The (actually very cute) set came with matching bows, ribbons, 4 rolls of paper and gift tags. All in ONE BOX. I hate the mess of all those oddly shaped things, so this was my dream come true.

4.  Listening to the Christmas radio station on the way to and from work. Larkyn has always been a good car rider, but she especially loves Christmas music it seems.

3. New words from Larkyn: When she sees Santa, she says "Ho, ho, ho!" and she will say "Hey!" if you sing Jingle Bells.

2. Christmas Eve in German Village with Matt's family. Love it when the kids can play together!

1.  The BIG DAY. It is my favorite day of the year. Watching Larkyn play with her new kitchen, her baby, her train set, seeing Matt's face when he opened his surprise shoes, and even the excitement that the animals show is priceless. Having the grandparents over for delicious food and more presents is always fun, and nothing beats opening a few presents myself;o)

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Keith and Julie said...

Glad you had a GREAT December! Thanks for the shout-out... we can celebrate my birthday all January if it will help YOU!. =)

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