18-21 month favorites

I won't call them essentials anymore, because that's not really what they are. Most of us can certainly get by without having them, but they sure made life around here easier and more fun:) Hope they help you!

Bumpkins junior bibs- I hate that I didn't find these earlier!  Once she started feeding herself, the sleeves and belly area of her shirts took a beating. This bib covers her shoulders and is much longer. This was a game-changer, and although pricey, they have saved lots of shirts and emergency laundry time.
Adding milk and a big girl spoon to cereal...this bib gets a workout!

Starfall.com and Flash English apps- I downloaded the Flash cards awhile ago, and she absolutely loves it. There are several categories for her to browse (food, animals, transportation, etc). I've noticed her saying more and more of these words when we see the object in real life. Starfall is a website I use with my kindergartners at school, and it is a hit. The app is a little easier, and is perfect for toddlers to learn phonemic awareness and letter ID.
Christmas morning, watching the "V is for vacuum" clip over and over. The real vacuum is her worst enemy though..?

Two-piece pajamas- We had been fighting the zipper battle for a while when I finally grew a brain and realized it was time to give up the footed PJs and go for the Carter's or Gymboree 2 and 3 piece sets. Our bedtime routine is much more peaceful. But I do miss those snuggly fleece footies:(

Giant Eagle mini pancakes- I know, not the healthiest snack, but she sure loves them. They take less than a minute to fix, she has a hot breakfast that sticks with her, and she is a happy girl. 
Brite White stain remover I know there have been a few times when I have thought I found the "best" stain remover, but it ends here. My mom got me a bottle from the hospital because the nurses raved about it. It has gotten out pen ink, chili, and many other toddler stains you can only imagine. You can't get it everywhere, but check around online and with nurse friends because it is worth it!

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