Ah, Pinterest...

We need to talk.

We have been together since your days in beta (you had me at "invitation-only). I remember wishing for your existence as I was planning a baby nursery in a Word document. Oh, text-wrapping, remember the fun we had?  Then you came to fruition and my dreams had come true. I looked forward to naptime, when we could be together, discovering different ways to use pallets and mason jars (I never pinned those, because I knew better). We moved on to party-planning together, and I got a sense of joy when I had new followers or when something I pinned then got 15 repins.

But alas, you and I are maturing in our relationship. I now pin more things like this:
In case you didn't have enough...

and completely avoid the "Arts and Crafts" boards. We have had way too many trips down that road that begins with a trip to Hobby Lobby and ends with a piece of crap that I throw away.

In the beginning, I pinned things like this, thinking I might try my hand at it:

Now, after pleas from my husband and a landfill full of ingredients that went to die in my Crock Pot, I pin AND EAT things like this:
Thanks, Audra, for the best recipe ever.
Why am I coming to this realization now? Well, my friend, after going to Joann's to use the Teacher Appreciation Discount (Which, by the way, I talked them out of requiring me to show them my PAY STUB to prove it. My official ID and my cart full of BS apparently didn't prove it), I have a bone to pick with you once again.

Pinterest, you are making me feel like a bad mom. My daughter loves to "gick" balls around the house, jump on the couch, play with pots and pans, and uses the iPad like an Apple employee. She loves to read. But the girl is not into your idea of what good moms should be doing with their kids. Pins like THESE make me feel inadequate when they result in throwing, eating, and destroying the materials, and eventually lead to a full throttle meltdown on the floor.

Both from here

Ironically, these ideas are pinned to my board entitled "Fun with Lulu". Nope.

I will continue consulting with you for the one thing that HAS really worked for me.
At least I'll look good while scraping my disgusting taco casserole into the bushes for the raccoons.

And, we will still have fun planning our parties together and making holiday treats to give people the illusion that I really am good at making something. But, we are SO done with anything that makes smoke come out of my kitchen, tears come out of my kid's eyes, or money come out of my pocket at any of those freaking craft stores.

I hope you understand.

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