Dear Giant Eagle Marketplace,
I love you. Your free (HUGE) cookies for my little one make our shopping trips like a fantasy now. And the fact that you replaced my one moldy bag of taco cheese with three was well played. 
Well, it's $1 for the card, but we get a cookie every time we go!
Dear Sleepy Toddler,
You rock. You play hard but you sleep hard. For a few scary days, I thought you were going to quit napping on us, but you got back into the swing of things when I went back to work. Bullet. Dodged.
Check out the motion shot of our first attempt at "Month 20" photos.

Dear Flu,
Stay away. You are taking out kid after kid in my class, but don't even mess with me. I don't have time for you.

Dear Snooki, 
Lose the flower. Along with the rest of yourself, please.

Dear Gallon of Snapple Diet 1/2 and 1/2,
Could you BE any more delicious? (I hope you read that in Chandler Bing's voice)

Dear Cast of The Bachelor,
I have never watched you before (always been a Bachelorette fan and stayed away from the house full of women). But you, with your ever-flowing chardonnay, missing limbs (come on aren't you interested in that?  And the girl is 100% more confident than I am with 2 arms!), and catatonic responses from women in dayglo dresses...you intrigue me. Dammit.

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