Are you there, Spring, it's me...

Being an Easter baby, I am very cognizant of Spring's arrival. I anticipate it with every fiber in my body but know that our Ohio weather will play out the same way every year. We will get a little warm spell in mid-March, everyone will get all excited and bust out the flip flops and then at the end of the month, they will grumble and wonder "Where is Spring?" when it snows. I cannot tell you how many birthdays I spent searching for Easter eggs or going to Baskin Robbins in the snow.

But that doesn't keep me from daydreaming. Let's talk about Spring fashion, shall we? Here are some of my Pinterest favorites that I'd love to buy this season...

Colored jeggings

Leggings aren't quite enough substance if you aren't pairing them with a long top. I bought some hot pink FMI jeggings from Boho 72 and can't wait to try some pastels!

Colorful shoe inspiration
1. Converse (sold out!) 2. Sperry for J. Crew  3. Havaianas  4. Kate Spade (also sold out)

I don't seem to have luck with finding the sources of the clothes I pin. But I love the sheer trend because it lends itself to layering. Seriously, that dress would not come off all summer!

Fun accessories
1. Free People feather pendant  2. Pure Vida Salty Sea set (I love their concept and all their bracelets!) 3. Loft scarf

Chambray shirt 
Again, Pinterest will not take you to the source. I have tried two shirts at Target and returned both. I have my eye on this one and this one, if they ever go on sale!

 Purpley-pink polish
Splash of Grenadine by Essie


Audra said...

I'm trying so hard not to buy anything until after I have the baby, but all of this spring stuff is making me antsy! I want a chambray sure and mint colored skinny jeans so badly, but nothing about my body right now should be trying on anything with the word "skinny." Oh well!

Keith and Julie said...

I can see you wearing every single item mentioned here. Such a fashionista!

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