I'm the kinda girl who...

could eat chocolate with every meal. Chocolate chip muffins have already happened. Chips Ahoy yogurt (uh huh) is about to happen within the hour

leaves clean clothes in a laundry basket beside the bed for...months (?) but the second the dogs track in mud, I turn into a mop-wielding Hulk

lives for the change of the seasons but would give them up to live for one season called THE BEACH if I could take my job and my parents with us

but at the same time, loves to make the most of this city, exploring new restaurants and kid activities every chance I get!

hates everyone's feet except my daughter's. They're currently on the keyboard as she is trying to "help" me type with her heels

would hire a weekly house cleaner in a minute, if only in that minute did I not think about how much money that would cost

is down to one regular show: The Bachelor! Now that Lesley and Des are gone, I think I'm on Team Lindsay. Thoughts?

puts on my makeup at stoplights on the way to work. Anything that gets me a few extra minutes of sleep!

instagrams her food all the time. Can't help it.

can't get through a few minutes without thinking about this girl who stole my heart almost 2 years ago
Her hair isn't wet. It is full of 3 kinds of syrups: Prednisone, Amoxocillin, and Aunt Jemima

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