Oh it's the 21st? Where have I been?

As the 21st of every month nears, I get excited about Larkyn turning another month older. I start to think about what she will wear when I take her "official" picture. However, we are in the land of THIS right now...

The Starbucks was not prescribed, but should have been.
If you follow me on Instagram (Which you should, because I am relying on it more and more as a sort of micro-blogging!), you'll already know that we have been fighting a "cold" around here lately. It was a little annoying at first, Larkyn was moody (we thought), and the humidifier/Benadryl were our saviors. Benadryl because you can't give kids under 4 cold medicine. You basically have to "let it run its course", elevating their head, drying out the sinuses, and basically doing nothing that helps get rid of the cold.

Finally getting to use her wiwwow to elevate. That does nothing, FYI.
Until that one night. When from 12-2 am, your baby is screaming bloody murder, thrashing and throwing stuffed animals like they are on fire and acting like she is possessed. And your husband has to wake up in 3 hours to go to work and is less than happy with this situation.  This is not my kid.

It had been one week. The "lost week" we shall call it, because I couldn't tell you what I taught at school, what was on TV, what we ate. Everything was revolving around this so-called cold. After talking with some moms at school (thanks, Amber!), they immediately said "Ear infection". And Amber even went as far as to say "I have some breathing treatments if you end up needing them." I had no idea what she was talking about.

One hour after school, we left the doctor's office, both shaking, her still screaming, and probably everyone in the office needing a beer. Oh, and a breathing treatment nebulizer tucked under my arm with 4 prescriptions stuffed in the abyss of my mom-purse. Yep. Those experienced moms know what they're talking about.

The breathing treatment in the office was absolute hell. Hands-down most stressful experience of my life. The poor nurse...I kept thinking "I need to send her flowers". And the doctor (not our normal doc) kept shouting instructions handing me papers over the shrieking and flailing limbs. Does she have asthma or bronchitis? I have no idea. I just did what I was told and left a message with the nurseline to please reiterate WTF is going on because I heard none of it.

Anyway, THAT is where I've been. And Larkyn is 22 months old today!
This is her unimpressed face. She's watching her shows and wearing the outfit SHE wants to wear.

Funny things you are doing: Singing The "I love you" song from Barney, Twinkle twinkle, and ABC song but adding very random words (subway? walnut?) , putting anything on your head to be a hat

Your vocabulary is growing with: "NO-wuh!" to very assertively resist, "Oh-KAY!" which is a total mimic of your mother's gung-ho way of getting children up and at 'em, "Yo-git" is your New Yorker way of asking for your favorite snack, "Whoa-ey" to call Zoe to her cage, "Me-meow" for oatmeal (ha!)

We love it when: You do sweet things like giving the dogs their blankets, sharing your food with us (Mmm, mushy Kix!), count to 10 on your fingers, say thank you/you're welcome/bless you, AND I almost forgot that you started saying I LOVE YOU! (Yuh-you) Best sound ever.

We are on the mend here, hoping to be back in the real world sometime soon! In the meantime, we are proud of daddy and his first radio spot with Fire & Ice Sports in LA. You can listen here, fast forwarding to 10:15. And FYI, Shane Larkin is not the namesake of our child.

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