Anatomy of a Girl's Night

It starts with the anticipation. Just the act of writing "Girl's night!!" with a smiley face on the calendar makes me want to do a roundoff-back handspring. Which I cannot do, by the way.

Then picking the restaurant. I LOVE to go out to eat, so the amount of thought I put into the decision is similar to what most people would for a new car, a wedding dress...
The contenders. Cooper won. 229 next time!

Then we start thinking about what to wear. We consult Pinterest to see how to wear the new bright pink jeggings (pink and navy, who would have thought!?)  Gone are the days when we wonder what will make us look "hot" and what we can dance in. This is all about putting together a fun ensemble without the worry of crayon, snot, or oatmeal getting on it.
my pretend closet

Next come the texts as the date draws closer. "Can't wait for Saturday!"..."Have you looked at the menu?!"

Then the day arrives. You pray that daddy will get home on time, be excited that you are leaving, and will enjoy his night as well. No one wants to sit at dinner wondering if everyone is miserable without your presence (the answer is not at all...they eat sprinkles and take bubble baths).

I have confirmed that I am not alone in thinking that the solo car ride to the venue is almost the best part. There is only ONE person in charge of the radio, and that is ME. For that 30 minutes, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and I are equals. People driving past (let's be honest, I'll be the one passing) might wonder who the psycho is, but it's all good because it is Girl's Night, bitches.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say the smaller the group, the better. There is never enough time to hear all the funny stories about what our kids are repeating, build each other up in our personal endeavors and nod our heads when we are facing the same issues in life. It feels good to have someone else say "me too" and to assure you that you aren't crazy. Ladies, we are all in this together. Don't go it alone!  In between the stories, it is eventually time to order...

Since we have looked at the menu at home multiple times, this is pretty easy. However, now that we have another person in our midst, it is necessary to discuss every item on the menu and make sure we are ordering something we will not regret. This usually includes consulting with the server as well.

After a blessed hour or two of good food, "Can you believe she said..."s, and maybe some white wine or a chocolate martini, it is time to wrap it up. We know our limits by now. After the typical walk around whatever area of town we are in, we know it is soon back to reality. There's that little voice that woke up inside us a few years ago, reminding us about the drive home or that there's a Nana at home who has things of her own to do. There is a pull to home these days, and that is what makes these occasional outings so sacred.

Need a shot of Balance in your life? Follow the instructions above and go have fun, kids. And remember, it doesn't have to be at night. An escape for breakfast or lunch with a friend will accomplish the same thing.

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Schneider 4.0 said...

Amen my friend! Although, I just realized that I've been singing the wrong lyrics to the Lumineers' song "I Belong With You." Although, I will admit, I like my version waaaay better so I'm sticking to it. GREAT TIME! Let's do it again! Um...I'm thinking our birthdays :)

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