To list or not to list...

Oh, freaking life decisions. It is a blessing that we get to make these decisions at all, but I just get soooo consumed with what to do...what might happen...what if it doesn't work?  What if we regret it? What if we never move and live here until we die in it like all of my neighbors?!

Here is the deal. I am desperately seeking opinions, advice, whatever you have to offer. Because I KNOW you have it.

I am in love with our house. It is like my other baby. I loved it the first time I saw it listed, loved every square inch of it during the walk-through, and we jumped on the opportunity to buy it right then and there.

But, 3 years later, we are out of space. There is ONE area for us. That means eating, toy-playing, basketball-game watching, everything takes place here. Put it this way, I am sitting on the couch, and I can see what is on my kitchen counter, what is on Larkyn's bookshelf, and what is on our "dining room" table. Yeah, it's cozy.

We could stay like this. There are many pros...
  • Fantastic location that is close to everything we need
  • Love our neighbors
  • Small enough to clean entire place in an hour
  • Unparalleled school district
  • Great fenced-in yard with lilac bushes and TREES (trees and 3+ BRs top my list of "musts")
  • Walking distance to several parks
I could stay and be happy. But there are some drawbacks that make it tempting to list...
  • 2 bedrooms= 2 closets with 3 people, no guests, future family situation, etc.
  • Only one living area unless we want to go into our bedrooms
  • No sidewalks...I could never let her walk or ride by herself without worrying
  • The basement access is through the garage. Annoying, but we are used to it.
  • Right now the market is HOT and houses in our area are selling like crazy; this is a perfect time to sell
There really aren't that many all comes down to space inside and space outside. For instance, the fact that we have to have frosted windows on the entire left side of our house (or else we cold wave to our neighbors while "sitting on the can" as Matt would say) doesn't totally bother me. I grew up in a very suburban setting where we all played in each other's yards and houses.

But Matt craves space! It would have to be something really special to keep him here in the city. And likewise, it would have be something really special for me to move out of the city. So the search is on for something really special. We don't quite know where that might be, which leads me to the point of this post.

We cannot be considered as buyers for anything until we sell our current house (obviously). So, as much as we'd like to find something great and THEN sell, that is not realistic.

So, my friends, do we list?  Do we take this opportunity the market has presented to us and upsize now, or stay in the house we love and have to move later anyway?  I know my heart is getting the better of me right now (typical)

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Schneider 4.0 said...

I'm not sure I have good advice on this one except it's all about decluttering and staging. We think we could have sold our house way quicker if we had staged it instead of having it sit vacant.

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