Birthday Thursday: 2 years!

I know I already recapped the party, but shall we check up on our little birthday girl and her antics?

New words you are saying:  Finally, you are putting words together to make demands and observations. You are especially into emergency vehicles (" See amblance!") and I LOVE when you are looking for me ("Mommmmmy?"). It is the cutest thing I hear all day.

New skills you like to show off:  Climbing up into your high chair, using your step stool in the bathroom to turn on the water and make a mess in the sink, "helping" mommy cook, and now remembering songs and singing them to us. They are hilarious...especially Fallout Boy's "Light 'em up".

New ways you are a stinker:  When it comes to snacks, your patience is non-existent. And God forbid mommy gets out the wrong cereal.

New things you adore:  SWINGING! That is all you want to do. You love to take walks to the park, you are starting to do a little pretend play with your kitchen foods and with your baby (rather than just playing with them, you know they have purposes and try to mimic real life).

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