25 months: The gamechanger

It seems like after her second birthday, Larkyn flipped on some secret switch that was installed on the bottom of the crib when we brought her home that says "GAMECHANGER".
Those little feet belong to our neighbor and her new obsession, baby Declan.

So many developments this month!

Her sleep is all over the place and has no pattern. My 7:30-7:30 baby is gone (temporarily?) One day she will wake up at 6:00, the next day it will be 8:30. She will take a 4 HOUR nap one (amazing) day, then go to bed like a champ when she should be up all night because of that nap. Most nights now, she is up for about 40 minutes in her crib. She's not crying. She's actually having the time of her life jumping up and down, singing, and throwing everything out of her crib.

I have tried an earlier bed time and a later bed time and neither changes this new bedtime routine. She is refusing books and wants to go straight to her crib to go crazy. Thoughts?

She talks for all parties involved now and it is hilarious. On the way from the car into a store, you will hear "Hi Cutie! Oh wow! Shopping! Close the door. Watch your head. Walk." And if she falls, "OK, Yahken?" because that is how she says her name. Yahken.

Her food preferences have dwindled down to about 5 things. Actually, all very reminiscent of this...
Except instead of candy corn, it would be sprinkles.
Fears!  Is this when fears develop? They might as well re-brand Dyson as Lucifer.  Vacuuming is a dramatic event around here. She doesn't want to be held high by daddy right now, which she used to love. And anything with a motor needs to stay the hell away, no matter how friendly the driver of the vehicle or weed whacker operator may be.

She has some fun new interests that keep her busy, like pouring anything and lining her toys up. For now, reading has gone out the window, but I'm hoping it is a phase!  She loves drumming on any surface with anything and is really into writing with a pen.

The countdown is on to spending summer with my little on-the-go girl...

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