A story from my childhood

May is here, which means that my brain is officially left in my classroom at the end of every day. I could show you a list of all the paperwork that public schools now require for each student outside of my classroom teaching time, but that would depress both of us. Let's just say, my blog ideas have been...well, zero.

So, I'm picking up on a blog challenge (a little late) that will hopefully recharge my blogging mind.

Today's topic is "Tell a story from your childhood". Hmm.  I guess we'd have to go with the most dramatic, which takes place when I was a four year old with a mind of her own.

We were meeting my dad's brothers and sisters in Indianapolis (I have no idea why; I'm guessing my dad was building a property there). I remember being in KB Toy Store at the Indianapolis Mall. Remember that place with all the cool robotic cats and dogs they would strategically place in the doorway to lure you in?  Wasn't into them. I was into a magical Pound Puppies rubber stamp and ink set.

I admired it while I was with my mom and Aunt Sara, but I remember my mom saying "no", that I couldn't have it. Well, that was certainly not the answer I wanted, but no worries, I continued to halfheartedly browse the store.

Later, while everyone was eating, I somehow (?!) managed to go ahead and find my way back to KB by myself. I went and just stood by my muse, the stamp set, without a plan really. The woman asked me (Home Alone style), where my mom was and I was totally calm. I'm sure she was onto me, but I wasn't really worried about where my family was. The stamps would be mine. Somehow.
inspiring thieves and runaways since 1986.

I'm not sure how long I was a missing child, but long enough to know that I caused a bit of a commotion. When my aunt came storming into the store with a police officer (or mall security?), they swooped me up and my plans were foiled. I don't remember crying or feeling like I was ever in danger. I do remember us leaving the mall right away and laying on my other aunt's lap (because I was temporarily terrified of my other aunt, who arrived on the scene of my stamp stealing with the police).

And I do remember getting back to the hotel and the stamp set sitting on the table, purchased before the "incident" as a surprise.  Looking back, I'm not sure if I deserved it or not.  Larkyn will be in a stroller til she graduates.

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Sarah @ Life, Love & Dinner said...

Haha that's too funny! I loved KB toys, too!

I feel you on the paperwork thing. Yesterday I organized my paperwork into four ginormous piles that need to be filed. I'm pretty sure I spend more time on paperwork than I do teaching.

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