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As part of Blog every day in May, I'm linking up to share five of my favorite blogs with you. Don't be mad if yours isn't on here (please?) I decided to not put any of yours (my beloved followers) on here because I couldn't pick all of you. I chose non-followers so I could share them with you:)

Young House Love
I started following the Petersiks before they knew they were having a baby (Clara is now 3), and it is amazing to see how their lives have changed in that time. Their work ethic and likability (oh and DIY skills that are mind-blowing) have earned them a book deal and tour, TV spots with Nate Berkus, collections in various retail stores, and the mother of all achievements is next up: Oprah! I love to check up on Clara and see what project they are tackling next.

The Girl in the Red Shoes
I don't remember how I found Julie about a year and a half ago, but you can quickly see why I love reading her posts. At first, they were mostly about home decorating, crafting, and clothes. But, after the announcement that she was expecting little Hudson, it has developed into a mama blog as well. She is very thoughtful about the baby products she discusses and just has GREAT taste in everything!

Keep Calm & Carry On
Katie is local, and I love me some local information!  She is also a few years younger than me, so I feel like she has a better handle on the "cool" places to go in Columbus. She reviews beauty products, shares fabulous clothing finds, and a recipe here and there. And her dog is as cute as it gets!

The Larson Lingo
I found Mel through Pinterest, which is appropriate because every moment of this woman's life is pinnable. Her party planning, graphic design, photographs, recipes, and her gorgeous PBK model children (for real, that's what they do). She seems grounded and the kind of mom I hope to be, and she shares lots of useful mom advice to get me there. Plus, she is a math teacher!  Basically, she needs a big S emblazoned on her chambray shirt and a hand knit cape, because she's Supermom.

Life with Emily
This is my new favorite blog, for totally superficial reasons (she's not superficial, I am for lusting after her wardrobe). This (young!) girl has impeccable style and I love to see how she pairs things and accessorizes every day. It is kind of fun to see where her life is going....ah, to be 23! She is also the reason why I linked up on this blogging challenge.

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Emily said...

haha thank you for mentioning me!!!

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