Happy List

OK back to this blog challenge, only NOW I make the rules and pick the topics I like from the list.

Fifteen things that make me HAPPY!

15. Blogging. Even if no one reads it, I like to write it.

14. Larkyn's developing vocabulary and mannerisms. I adore that she says "hi! wave!" to everyone and calls umbrellas "brelellas".

13. Going out to lunch!  I hate packing it and love a little break with my coworkers.

12. Perfect weather: Warm, sunny weather with a breeze and low humidity.

11. The beach. Specifically, uninhabited beaches.

10. Starting the day with a Starbucks latte, McDonald's vanilla iced coffee, or Tim Horton's English Toffee cappuccino. This is about a twice a week deal and makes my day!

9. Making desserts to share with people.

8.  Having plans for the weekend. Not being "booked", just having a zoo trip or cookout in my mind makes me settled rather than stir-crazy.

7. Movie time, whether it be girly movies on the couch (Big Fat Greek Wedding never gets old!   "Yes, inside the lump was my twin. Spanikopita!") by myself or Netflix night with Matt,  I do love movies! 

6.  Putting outfits together, either virtually on Pinterest, or for the 10 minutes in my head before I finally roll out of bed // Not putting outfits together. If I'm not going to work or out for the day, I live in North Face sweatshirts and yoga pants. You know, for all that working out I do.

5.  Party planning!

4.  Phone calls, emails, and visits with my family and my friends. The countdown is on for our family beach trip (like Christmas to me!)  It's also fun to see how excited Larkyn gets to see them, especially as she is remembering all their names (or "cutie"/"sweetie" for the grandmas)

3.  Oh yeah, Christmas, And all holidays I can decorate for and watch Larkyn enjoy.

2.  Shopping. All kinds.

1.  Waking up to my sweet girl saying "HI MOMMY!" and my hubby giving me a kiss when he leaves.

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Keith and Julie said...

I'd be happy to share in the dessert happiness anytime.

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