Is this real life?

This post brought to you by the following real-life events I experienced this week:
  • My darling daughter smiling sweetly and saying "hi!" to other Target customers, then as we passed the bras, shrieking "BOOBIES!" until I could speed away in that big red cart.
  • Walking into my bedroom to find my dog eating an entire rotisserie chicken on the bed.
  • Getting schwacked by a toddler size golf club more than once
  • Listening to conversations such as "Do you KNOW how big elephant poop is? It would kill someone if it fell on them" and "I smell like bananas" during my 9-5.
  • A KIDZ ONLY! (one of those music channels that plays Selena Gomez and kid-friendly versions of Madonna, you know) dance party that just commenced in my living room because of this Pinterest discovery: If it is too tiny to read, see the original pin here.
We have a code blue situation around here. She's quite yellow too, but I think we might be able to solve some of the whining with some more active outlets. Since we were "dismissed" from our tumble tots class the first night because she couldn't handle waiting in line, we will need to instill some major dance and play breaks to center her. What do you guys do at home?

And this post reminds me of why I chose the name for this blog. And that I already forgot about that blog challenge.

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