It's the final countdown!

I hope you sang that post title.

The final countdown is on until school is out. As much as I love these two classes and their families, who doesn't look forward to summer break? After Memorial Day weekend, it is a killer to go back for six more days. Make that five, since this post took me two days to write and publish (SYTYCD auditions invaded my TV, sorry)...

We had a great weekend!  The weather in Columbus has been amazing (windy, sunny, and not TOO hot), so we spent a lot of time outdoors. Which makes for a happy baby, which makes for a happy mama.
Off we go! 
Saturday was a playground day and then cookout with the neighbors. We are so lucky to be able to just walk nextdoor with our food, walk back to change diapers, and not have to drive home when it's all over!
We choose to hang out at their place because they have a fabulous patio. And a dog who doesn't eat whole chickens and dirty diapers. Sorry, Mike and Declan, your feet didn't make the cut.

On Sunday, Larkyn and I took a perfect zoo trip, again with Mo and Declan (neighbors). We couldn't have ordered a more beautiful day. The zoo pass that grandma got for Larkyn for her birthday has already been used three useful!
He thinks her pirate face is charming. Argh!

Speaking of Grandma, we headed downtown to her house for the night. German Village is by far the most interesting neighborhood in Columbus to walk around, and that night was beautiful for a walk around Schiller Park. She made a million things to eat, and I still took the leftovers to work today for lunch! Have BBQ sauce-will eat.
Ducklings at the beautiful park.
I used to pack lunches into little containers and a cute lunchbag. Until I had a kid. Now, I grab whole containers and a grocery bag!  Much to my mother's dismay...

The weekend was wrapping up as I made a favorite summertime dessert for a cookout at my parents'. Just use break-apart cookie dough, vanilla ice cream (scooped in flat scoops with a spoon), and roll in sprinkles. Freeze! Monday was off and on rain, but for a few hours, we were able to eat out on the deck with Nana and PawPaw. He doesn't think much about it anymore, but I always think of my dad, the WWII vet, on Memorial Day. No big deal, he thinks, just out savin' the free world.

Pre-gaming with goldfish

We need to train Nana to call Larkyn's name whilst taking the picture ;) This was the best of our family pics, until my arms gave out from wrestling someone who wanted no part of it.

But ice cream and cookies makes everything better!

Her new fave activity, drumming. On anything and everything.

See? She is drumming on my dad.

The final way to end a perfect weekend?
That's right. Men all over America can rejoice!  The women of the house will be on the couch for 2 blessed hours of The Bachelorette. Desiree was my favorite right out of the gate last season, but her brother pretty much sent that relationship down in a blaze of trashy glory. Last night's men included a knight wearing armor, a psycho rapist who kept physically moving her toward a dark room he had set up to be a "Fantasy Suite", one who kept using the term "hashtag", and one whose shirt never made an appearance. I hope she can find someone normal in this all-star group of weeeirdos. Anyone else watching?

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