Quick and Easy Mother's Day gift

Well, hello!

I wanted to link up with Kristin to share a quick and easy (and cheap!) gift you can make for the grandmas on Mother's Day. I made 43 of these with my students this week, so if you are a teacher, these are a great Mother's Day or Christmas gifts as well.  Here we go:

You need:
  1. Mod Podge. Don't try to make your own. Just don't. It's 4.99 at Hobby Lobby.
  2. A brush or sponge brush
  3. Tiles: I chose a box of ten 4x4 tiles from Lowe's for $3.47. For my kindergartners, I did bisque 16 cent tiles, which are just as cute (but only the best for the grandmas, you know)
  4. Photos, trimmed to fit on the tiles. If you choose slate like me, I'd suggest trimming smaller than I did because of the rough surface. My photos had a few spots where they didn't stick all the way because of the bumpy surface. If I were doing this over again, I'd look for tiles with a smoother surface!
  5. Felt furniture pads. We had these on-hand, but you could also cut a 4x4 piece of felt to fit.
 Get gluing!
  1. Spread Mod Podge all over the surface of the tile. A thin layer will do.
  2. Stick the picture in the center.
  3. Spread another layer over the picture and the tile (cover the entire top so that the photo is sealed to the tile). Make sure brush strokes are neat and going the same direction, because you will be able to see brush strokes.
  4. Let them dry. Walk away and make yourself busy so you don't check them obsessively.
  5. Come back and admire the cuteness. Add felt pads to the bottom so they don't scratch the table!
Hope this is useful, and please excuse the terrible phone pictures...we ran out of daylight on this project!


Sarah @ Life, Love & Dinner said...

Love this! This looks like a great project to do with my students!

KRISTIN said...

LOVE THIS! Such a cute idea. I'm totally going to use this for my mom's birthday coming up!

Schneider 4.0 said...

I'm actually doing this for Lincoln's mom for their deck! Except, I'm going to cut wine corks (I have those in stock :)) to use in place of the felt pads. I bet your mom loved these!

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