What motherhood has taught me

This post is sponsored by and dedicated to my own Mama, with whom I celebrated Mother's Day at Panera this morning. Ohhh how we love our souffles and mochas! And sweet baby girl was chipper as ever, cracking us up with her Gangnam Style dance-along and saying "Hi cutie!" when she greeted my mom. She's something else. As a gift to myself, I dressed her in my favorite new outfit.
You know, gotta live up the seersucker and chambray before she wants to pick her own outfits.

This year, rather than a sappy post, let's talk about some "teachable moments" I've had in the last year. Moments that made me want to laugh/scream/cry at the same time. Enjoy. And Happy Mother's Day to you! Even you moms of fur babies; that counts too.

10. Toddlers + Voice Control/Face Time= very awkward phone moments

9. Magenta Sharpie comes out of brand new Hunter boots with an alcohol wipe. My chest just tightened as I thought of that moment when I saw the vandalized Wellies.

8. DJ Lance Rock and Psy are magical men in the iPhone who provide an extra 10 minutes of happy shopping for mommy.

7. Crisp, delicious grapes are hard to digest for toddlers. Take my word on this one.

6. Hearing your baby call you "mommy" or say "Love you" works like the Men In Black thingy, erasing the memory of whatever cereal tantrum that may have just occurred minutes earlier.
I've just learned that it's called a neuralyzer and is available on ebay for 11.99.

5. When I was pregnant, advice was a little annoying, a little overabundant. Now, anyone could end up as an unsuspecting target for my diaper/binky/sleeping/teething questions. Sorry, women of the Target diaper aisle and parent volunteers at school.

4. Catching father-daughter moments is like hunting an elusive snow leopard. There it is! Catch it with your camera! Now be cool and pretend you were checking the weather on your phone...

3. Laundry is an art. Maybe I can get semester hours for it.

2. Your best girlfriends really rise to the occasion to help you out. Who doesn't even flinch when my kid pulls french toast or eggs off of their plate when we go out to eat? (Kate and Amber, that's who). And who rocks my child during her own kids' sacred nap time because mine won't sleep at her house?  Rock star sister-mama, Jill. Fairy Godmother Julie jumps in to kid-whispering mode wherever we go and reminds me to buckle my newborn in during the new-mom-brain phase. Hillary Clinton was right.
But these giraffes are cuter. Sorry Hillary. But yes, "it takes a village".

1. There is no other job that is more fulfilling, surprising, and exciting. I am grateful to have this job.


Nana said...

Panera - great choice for breakfast!

Spinach Artichoke souffle - yummo!

Nana's gift for her day - priceless

Wove you, my sweet girlies!

Keith and Julie said...

You are really good at your job of Mom-to-Larkyn and I admire you for it! -J

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