5 on Friday

My five favorite things of the week...

We have already checked off Alyson's house, painting, and added a breakfast with Kate!

School is out and the fun begins!!  I am so, so happy to have time to do things like deep-clean the kitchen (for real) and go see friends' freaking amazing new houses out in the country. Larkyn's list includes things to keep us busy seeing friends and doing new things to keep both of us happy.
Summer sweaters and a tunic (supposed to be a dress but a little short for me!)

The gift of new clothes always makes me happy!  My morning class gave me a gift card to Boho 72 and Matt always gets me a few surprises from the HUGE Express sale going on now. Thanks, babe!

Girls Night with my team. Over the last 8 years working together, we have done our fair share of lunch. But Heidi's "early retirement" called for an amazing dinner at Figlio. Drinks, salads, bread, entree, AND dessert. Yeah. I have been so lucky to be able to work with one of my greatest friends every day, and I will miss her so much!

THESE GUYS...I was interested when I saw these at Target (what?  I went off the list at Target??) but didn't have high hopes for something that seemed gimmicky. Sold! I got the coconut flavor, which comes with dark chocolate and almonds to "flip" in,  and the peach flavor come with dark chocolate and whole pistachios. They are an incredible dessert, especially if you crave a crunch in your yogurt like I do.
Olympic Stormy Weather

Time for a new color scheme!  No more red wall...we have a dreamy gray palette all over our main area now. I lucked out on picking the perfect gray the first time around to compliment the Revere Pewter I have everywhere else. And I made some chevron curtains to cover the back door! I might have to tweak them because horizontal patterns cause a BIT of an issue if you aren't careful!! ARGH.

We are leaving today for a little vacation in Hocking Hills for Matt's birthday/Father's Day. Have a good weekend and I'll see you back with lots of pictures!

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Julie Hallas said...

Umm... also in love with the Coco Loco yogurt for dessert. Yum-o. I volunteer to hit up American Girl with you two!

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