5 on Friday

1. It is the first day of summer and I have to acknowledge our Columbus weather. It has been absolutely amazing this month, providing us with lots of opportunities for new adventures outside. I know the heat wave will be coming, but I can't remember a better stretch of sunny, cool weather here!

PS, have you noticed that 90% of the cute maxi dresses at Target are maternity? Come on!

2.  I have walked past this hi-low dress at Target for a few weeks and finally threw it in the cart this week. By now, we all know the value of a cute summer dress. One piece to put on and look like I tried? Yes please.

3.  Speaking of Target, it yielded one of my best toddler purchases yet. After a few days of chasing Larkyn around the house for anything involved with leaving the house (getting dressed, getting hair done, putting on shoes, etc.), the last thing I wanted to do was put on sunscreen. I found a combo of Up&Up spray and stick that make the chore much easier than lotion. Apparently, no pictures exist on the internet, but it is in the baby department and is 8.99.

Mikey, complaining that his swimsuit was too conservative, and Ben pretending to be Superman
4. Bachelorette Mondays have gotten better each week. The first week, I wondered what barrel they scraped to come up with such a dud cast (nice, I know). But as we've gotten into the dates, we've weeded out the crazies and the ones with current girlfriends. And we are left with a few who aren't complete pansies/douchebags. If I see one more guy cry though, I might throw the remote through the TV. Looks like next week will involve a big secret being revealed (James only wanted to be the next Bachelor...whhhhaaat?!) and a physical altercation. Real deep stuff, I know.

5. I've been on the hunt for a planner for the upcoming school year. For most people, they would pick one up, take it to the register, and purchase it. For me, it involves online research, seeing them in person, and agonizing over which one to buy. I'll spare you a full-on review of each, but these are the contenders. None will live up to my 1992 Lisa Frank dolphin planner, which started the downward spiral.
  • Erin Condren Life Planner (bought this last year...not sure I need ALL of that or to spend that, but I am stuck on the vertical layout)
  • Sarah Pinto Academic Planner (priced a bit better and without all the unnecessary items, but not vertical. I like the notes spot for each day.)
  • Lilly Pulitzer (cute designs, spiral bound, better price than E.C. But not sure the layout is for me.)
  • May Design (I need spiral bound so it can sit out on my desk. But how cute are these?! I'd just love a bunch with my new monogram to use for a gratitude journal, staff meetings, etc)

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