Happy 26 months

What's our girl up to these days?  She could probably tell you herself, but you might not understand through the binky, which she STILL loves. We are working on it.

Cute-isms: Her hellos and goodbyes are quite a production. You'll get "BYE!" "Seeya!" "Love you!" over and over until one of you is several hundred feet away. She also likes to tuck everyone in with blankets or towels to put them to sleep. She has also started saying "So pretty?" when I dress her or fix her hair and she knows it is a special occasion. Melt my HEART.    

Vices: Her "Hi-pad" to watch Yo Gabba Gabba at any given time of the day. I try to limit it to an hour a day for YGG, but she would go all day if I let her!  Also, she has formed an attachment to her blanket, which she has had since she was in the hospital. She even wants it in the bath.

Great loves:  Annie's Organic fruit snacks, bubbles, being outside, helping mommy "mixing" (cooking), turning on the sink and throwing in everything she can find until I catch her.

Challenges: She has a low frustration limit and will quickly chuck a paint marker or shoe across the room if she's having trouble with it. Also, allergies are making her a little crank-yanker on the daily. Doctor has us giving nasal spray AND Zyrtec!  :(

Little girl is becoming quite a little lady. I am amazed at the good (manners!)/not so good (whining!) things she picks up every day. Wonder what next month will hold for her?

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