27 months later...


Ways she cracks us up:  I read something recently that said "Having a toddler in the house is like having a sportscaster narrate your every move." YES.

Ways she "helps": Now that she can open the bathroom door, she appears every time she hears the water. She pulls up her stool and "helps" me wash my face/brush my teeth by putting her face directly between me and the water source.  She also loves to hand us items that are in front of us while we are (attempting to) eat dinner. She's actually sitting here now, suggesting letters I should type. "Here mommy, T. Mommy, H!"

Ways she really does help:  I love that she helps empty the dishwasher! Not having to bend over? Great. She just learned how to open the fridge to get her own snacks, which could be interesting.

New naughties:  Putting things down the laundry chute (my toothbrush, silverware) or into the vents (bye bye, trees for the train set!) And I have started putting her in her room when the crying-for-no-reason gets out of hand.

New faves:  Grapes...all day long, weekly Music Together classes (our first attempt at structure!), Yo Gabba Gabba anything, riding carousels, coloring, picking out her own shoes

New demands from the Princess: "Mommy all done bed." "Mommy get down." when I dare lay in bed 10 minutes later than she expects. "Mommy find it" when she loses her pacifier (at least once an hour).
Who invented Goldfish?  They deserve a Nobel Peace Prize.

Looking forward to her third big trip to the beach and to see our extended family in about a week!

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