The halfway point

This is officially the fastest summer in my record book. We got out of school late and are going back earlier than anyone. Yes, I'm a little huffy about it. But we have really filled it up with items off our to-do list, and that list truly gets us up off the couch and out to explore our city and connect with friends.  I've pretty much covered all our activities here or on Instagram, so I won't recap those.

But here is our latest endeavor from this morning, along with what we still need to do...

On our list was to picnic at the Scioto Mile/Columbus Mile/Bicentennial Park, a recently revamped part of the city along the river that has lots of shaded benches, fountains, beautiful flowers, and great views of the city. Of course, my urban guru, Julie, chaperoned as we made our way through the city.

It was a million degrees out, so we went early (highly suggested!) and the sun was behind the buildings. There were lots of open bench swings and tables. Watch out for the bikers! They come out of nowhere and don't fancy two year olds wandering in front of them to smell the flowers.

This might be my favorite picture of the summer. It took all my might to have her wear that necklace. All morning, she said "Here you go, mommy. Necklace." and handed it back.

Cream cheese danish, strawberries and whipped cream, and Starbucks. Perfection. Only someone just wanted the icing off the top of the danish.
 Getting up close to the fish fountain and to the flowers...
Exhibit A of a biker almost wiping us out. They're like stealth drones!
My favorite outdoor flowers, hibiscus. Don't they remind you of the beach??

This was just one section of The Mile. We walked down to the Santa Maria, which I last visited in elementary school. It is kind of a bust (once I realized it was a replica and not the REAL thing when I was younger, the allure was gone). The other way has Milestone 226, which I have been dying to try, and fountains for the kids to play in. 

Other summer goals we have not completed...
  • Ride in a boat (this may have to be at Asia Quest at the zoo!)
  • Feed Christine's goats (next week!)
  • COSI (also next week)
  • Bounce at Buckeye Bounce
  • Swim with Hannah, with Heidi, with stitches put a kink in that. And also the fact that Larkyn hates pools where she can't stand up...
  • Try a new frozen yogurt place (Yogeez is on our radar--anyone tried?)
  • Farmer's Market
  • Go see Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Priest (going on Sunday)
  • American Girl store (Is this asking for trouble?)
  • Picnic at Highbanks 
  • Go to a festival
  • Hear live music
Some might not happen. We have done a few things that were not on our list and were just as fun. If you have any local suggestions, please let me know!


Keith and Julie said...

Urban guru... hahaha! Thanks. Also, I don't know if I emphasized this to you with your upcoming full-weekend BUT Jazz & Rib Fest?!? Live Music and a festival. We will be going on Sunday. =)

nana said...

What a beautiful day you had for this excursion. Work just continues to get in my way. Darnitall anyways! I was wondering where you were on your list of things to do this summer. You're giving LuLu a great summer with momma.

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